hot or not? wife beaters OR guinea tees ~ in Jersey

hot or not? wife beaters OR guinea tees ~ in Jersey

Wife Beaters OR Guinea Tees…HOT or NOT?

What’s a Guinea Tee? It’s a Wife Beater. How do I know this? I spent six years in Jersey.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the definition of Guinea Tee straight from the Urban Dictionary:

A white, ribbed, sleevless tee-shirt. Known also as a wife-beater singlet or a muscle shirt. Worn primarily as an undershirt, as its name implies, generally worn as a normal shirt on any given day by Itallian-Americans (Guineas, or the New Jersey sub-species of ‘guidos’) from Brooklyn, hence the name; “Guinea Tee”. Usually found in its natural habitat along coexistant species such as the baseball bat, Mets hats, and copius amounts of hair gel.

Oh, you don’t believe I spent six years in Jersey? Neither do I!

Since the temps in Vegas recently hit north of 100 the Wife Beaters are out in full force. I must admit I own a few too.

Wife Beaters are definitely “HOT” on the right guy. It’s another one of those double standards where more women than men can pull off this look. So let’s focus on the guys then.

They are especially “HOT” when the wearer is muscular. If you’ve got it…flaunt it (within reason). A great example of the perfect bod for a Wife Beater is Hugh Jackman…check out this photo. Ooh la la…

Now those are guns. It’s as if whomever invented the Wife Beater did it with Hugh Jackman in mind. Honestly…now that I’ve seen this pic it’ll be tough to find a guy at the gym who’ll measure up.

If you think you can…purchase your wife beater now by [amazon_link id=”B000RDUFX2″ target=”_blank” ]CLICKING HERE[/amazon_link]!!!

I also found a clip on YouTube demonstrating “How to Wear a Wife Beater” staring Rock Hudson…good stuff. If you’ve got a couple of minutes…click here to watch it.

Yes, a Wife Beater can also land in the “NOT” hot category if worn by someone who’s still a work in progress. Patience! Your time will come to sport a Wife Beater. And for those of you who’s Wife Beater wearing days have slipped by…PLEASE resist the temptation. You can still look hot…just not in a Wife Beater.

Oh I tried to resist but I can’t (or really won’t) help myself… Chris (my personal trainer) likes to sport a Wife Beater now and then too. Thankfully I’ve gotten over his muscles. Last summer when he’d wear a Wife Beater his muscles were a huge distraction during my workouts. This summer…not so much. Don’t get me wrong he’s still got great muscles and I’d put him on the “HOT” Wife Beater list. I think I’m just past the “ah” stage when I see his muscles. This is a good thing…it makes it easier to focus. Sorry Chris! 😉

Well there you go…I’ve ended the week on a positively “HOT” note. Next week I’ll finish up the HOT or NOT fashion and we’ll move on to HOT or NOT behaviors which will be a whole new can of worms.

Later… Kathi