HOT or NOT fashion…it’s a wrap!

HOT or NOT fashion…it’s a wrap!

The fashion “HOT” or “NOT” wrap up…

My last several trips to the gym I’ve spent too much time evaluating the fashion “HOT” or “NOT” choices.

I’ve had to face some facts about myself in the process. I think that’s one of the benefits of working out…getting to know myself. Not all the self-lessons are about my physical capabilities. Some insights are the benefit of having conversations with myself (not out loud or I’d probably be writing this from a padded room).

One of my not so great traits (I’m afraid) is that I make quick judgments about people. A better trait is that after doing so I argue with myself and decide to not make assumptions about people based solely on (for example) their fashions choices.

Well, what do you expect? I have to live with myself and to do so I’ve got to like myself. In order to like myself I’ve got to take the higher road and not judge every book by it’s cover. Yes…what I’m saying is that I judge and then I work very hard to reverse the judgment.

With all that said there’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward so hopefully my “HOT” or “NOT” fashion jabbering can help the fitness soldiers do so.

How about a “HOT” or “NOT” fashion wrap up? Let’s recap my opinions on the subject:

  • Knee socks on women are definitely “HOT”
  • Too-tight shirts are “NOT” hot
  • Bare belly on muffin tops, so “NOT” hot
  • Too-tight shorts (on guys) “NOT” hot
  • Butt crack sweat is a draw between “NOT” and “It depends on the butt”
  • [amazon_link id=”B00078ZJP6″ target=”_blank” ]Sauna suits[/amazon_link] may make you sweat but they are “NOT” hot
  • Weightlifting and Ab belts as girdles are “NOT” not
  • Razor back tanks are “HOT” on the gals, but “NOT” on the guys
  • Bandanas are only “HOT” on Bret Michaels
  • Sweat bands and headbands are “NOT” hot
  • Body suits from the disco era are “NOT” not
  • Short shorts on men are “NOT” hot (knee-length or longer please!)
  • Wife beaters on gals and guys with the bod to pull it off…”HOT”

There’s a quite a bit of opportunity to grab some admiration for being “HOT” in the fashion category when working out. Let’s be honest there’s a lot of people wearing the “NOT” hot choices. So if we simply avoid the “NOT” hot fashions, and make every effort to not create new “NOT” hot fashions for the list, we can definitely be “HOT” at the gym.

My sage advice is…don’t prematurely reveal your new body. Save the reveal for when you reach your final goal. Leave something (anything) to the imagination. You are not at the beach or the club…you are at the gym so dress the part. Your gym clothes should serve to function first.

Avoid being too matchy-matchy. For girls this means when you get to four items matching it’s possible you’ve put too much time into your outfit…gym vs. club. Guys, sorry to say, for you once you are on your third article of clothing matching it’s very likely you’ve taking the color coordination too far. What am I saying? Orange hat, orange shorts, and orange shoes are too much!

What’s “HOT”? Dress in clean well-fitting clothes that suit your age and body. Clothes that enable you to kick some butt while you are at the gym…not that’s “HOT”.

Until tomorrow…my HOT gym friends! Kathi