grunting at the gym – NOT hot!

grunting at the gym – NOT hot!

Grunters at the gym…the first featured “NOT” hot behavior:

Grunters…oh my! Yesterday morning I was at the gym doing one of my physical therapy exercises, which requires using the cable cross machine. I was minding my own business with music from my iPod Shuffle playing and I heard him.

“Uhh”… “uhh”… “uhh”… I did my best to ignore the sound and turned my back to him as I switched legs. (Note he was two machines away from me.) Next thing I knew he appeared in front of me. He finished his set and took a little stroll past me and then back to his machine. “UGH!!!!” (Oh my…I thought! Did I say that out loud? No, it was only in my head – whew!)

I finished the right leg and switched to work the left, so I ended up facing the grunter again – lovely! I couldn’t help myself. I had to see what the heck he was doing that required an “UHH” grunt so loud I could hear it over the music in my headphones. So I turned off the music and studied him for a moment. I knew I had “grunters” on my “HOT” or “NOT” list so I figured it’s research.

Here’s what all the grunting was about. He had the two arms of the cable cross machine angled up at approximately ten and two o’clock…he was facing the machine leaning slightly back…doing something that was a combination of a row, bicep curl, and back bend. He did (maybe) six real slow with this look on his face. Okay the look it was precious… it was as if I was watching a silent movie of someone screaming and then I heard it… a very loud “UHH”! I’m sure anyone within 30 feet of this guy could hear him.

Next thing you know, he’s on the move again. He took a stroll around and then back to the machine for a repeat. At this point I was laughing out loud and hoping that anyone that was looking at me thought I must have been listening to Dane Cook and not laughing at the Neanderthal.

Watching him gave me a thought… I wondered if this is the type of behavior animals who want to mate display to attract a partner? I shook it off and watched and listened to another set as I finished my last set. The grunter finished first so now I was curious… How much weight caused such a display of sheer force and effort?

Yep…it was my time to take a stroll. I made my way over to the cable cross machine he was using to sneak a peek at the weight. I half expected to see the pin somewhere down near the bottom of the stack. Are you even curious? Thirty pounds on each side. For the love! I can’t say I understand this but apparently thirty pounds (on the cable cross) doesn’t equal thirty pounds, it’s more. Regardless I don’t think that it warranted the show he gave.

I can do bicep curls with two 20-pound dumbbells and I’m sure I could do six rows with at least 70-pounds. Maybe he was tweaking his back due to the back bend and that’s what caused the outburst. Yeah, no! He was doing it to get attention and it worked! Now he’s featured in a blog and doesn’t event know it.

So please tell me that you get that this behavior is soooooo “NOT” hot!

Yes, I’ve caught myself grunting and as soon as I hear myself I regroup and hold in the next grunt the best I can. I’m not talking about grunting to yourself…I’m talking about the people who grunt so loud they are sure to draw attention to themselves and there’s no doubt that’s exactly why they do it. Yes…girls do it too. But honestly more guys than girls are guilty of this “NOT” hot behavior.

Believe me regulars at the gym have a good eye for what amount of weight and effort is commendable and they don’t need to hear grunting (or loud breathing or whatever) to notice someone who’s bad ass. As a matter of fact I would argue that anyone who’s trying to draw attention to themselves is at the gym for the wrong reason.

Until tomorrow! Kathi