ILS NOT hot and a little sad

ILS NOT hot and a little sad

“NOT” hot and not a joking matter…ILS (invisible lat syndrome)

Sadly there are a handful of (mostly) men who have a devastating syndrome…ILS. Early on when I started working out with Chris he explained this debilitating syndrome to me. So I need to give him credit for this one.

ILS is an acronym for Invisible Lat Syndrome. Upon doing a little Googling I also found ILS referred to as: Inflated Lat Syndrome & Imaginary Lat Syndrome.

Thankfully not many people suffer from this syndrome but you can usually spot at least one or two victims a day at the gym. And yes… this condition is not limited to the gym environment. Breakouts can often be seen at bars, nightclubs, and the beach (to name a few).

How do you spot someone with ILS? Sadly, it’s easy. As I mentioned above this syndrome typically only attacks men. The male will seem to have rather large items (like weighted exercise balls) under each arm. Upon getting a closer look you’ll realize that there is nothing there…no balls and not large enough muscles to explain the void.

I’m not really sure I understand why men with this syndrome don’t just get some help. I suppose they may not even realize that they have ILS. Do they not have a friend that cares enough to say something? When they look in the mirror what do they see? Is it possible that they actually see two balls or big giant muscles?

It might be interesting to study this syndrome further to determine if the men struck with ILS are the same little boys that had imaginary friends when they were growing up…hmm.

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We can only hope that a cure for ILS is discovered in our lifetimes. From what I found on the internet is if fairly well documented, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time.

Apparently Max (self-appointed #1 personal trainer in Cal) provides counseling for Imaginary Lat Syndrome sufferers. Check out his video (you’ll be glad you did)…

Click Here to see ILS video

Oh…did I mention that ILS is so “NOT” hot?

Okay…I’ve gotta run. I’m going to check myself out in the mirror and make sure my arms are able to touch my sides. We’ve been working my arms out pretty hard lately…I want to make sure I haven’t been struck with ILS.

Later… Kathi