toe-to-toe stretching in public… hot or not?

toe-to-toe stretching in public… hot or not?

HOT or NOT… Toe-to-toe stretching?

I’m all for having a workout buddy (well actually I’m not except my spin buddy, otherwise I prefer to go it alone, but regardless I get that it works for some people) but I think some of the “buddies” may need to establish a few boundaries.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen two dudes sitting across from one another in the stretching area with their feet (or toes) touching while they stretch. Apparently they believe that their workout would not be complete without a little “partner stretching” requiring a toe-to-toe connection.

It’s not just two guys that I’ve seen in the toe-to-toe connection. I’ve seen two girls and I’ve seen a guy and a girl. Can you tell that I’d prefer not to see it at all?  The stretching possibilities requiring NO physical contact (or at least no toe-to-toe connection) are endless. Please! Save the toe-to-toe stretching for the privacy of your own home.

Once in a while I’ve even seen three people sit in a circle and attempt a toe-to-toe-to-toe connection. They usually crash and burn since apparently it’s not as easy to do with three people.

Oh and this reminds me… I don’t want to leave out the folks that help each other stretch. Often I’ll see a Personal Trainer assisting their client with stretching. I don’t get this… why do clients want some of their precious training time spent on stretching. You don’t need a trainer for stretching or cardio machines. Use them for building strength and conditioning. Okay…yes…this is my personal opinion.

There are two guys that I regularly see (not doing toe-to-toe stretching) in the stretching area. One is about 6’ 2” and a pretty big burley guy. The other is no taller than me (maybe even shorter…5’ 5” or so). The big guy is a trainer and the little guy helps him stretch. And let me tell you… it’s a sight to see.

I’ll paint you a picture… the little guy has to literally straddle the bigger guy as he assists him with the stretches. The big guy will sit with his legs stretched out in front of him and he’ll lean his upper body forward. The little guy will lean into him from behind with all (which mind you is not much) of his body weight against him pushing the bigger guy’s upper body down towards his legs. They have a couple of stretches where the big guy lays down (either face down or his back to the floor) and the little guy climbs on top of him and things get even more interesting.

I get that it’s very possible that this is perfectly acceptable gym behavior and that I’m the one with a problem. Maybe I have intimacy issues and all the touching, straddling, etc. brings them to the surface…who knows? But I gotta tell you when I see the big and little guy coming I brace myself for a giggle or two. Oh and let’s not forget… I’m putting this in the too “HOT” for the gym category. But really “NOT” so hot.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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