my cardio conundrum

my cardio conundrum

Back to the biz of fitness… Ramblings about my hip flexor treadmill conundrum…

Any of you who have followed me you know that I have a hip flexor injury. Yes, it’s still bothering me but not nearly as bad as when it first occurred.

I saw my PA (Physicians Assistant) about the pain and he referred me to Bob (a Physiotherapist). Since Bob’s diagnosis (muscle imbalance causing strain on my hip flexor or Iliopsoas) I’ve not been able to use the treadmill. The reasoning behind the treadmill ban was common sense… I experienced pain when I walked. So duh!

Eventually Bob agreed that I could give the treadmill another go, but he told me to take it slow. (I didn’t tell him that had already started “taking it slow” about a week earlier.)

My taking it slow started out by simply walking up to a speed of 4.0 for about 10 minutes as a warm up. After I got the okay from Bob I eagerly tried running for three-minute intervals at 6.0 and one-minute intervals at 4.0. I didn’t want to push it the first time out so I only did this for 15 minutes. It felt good to run again. It actually gave me a new appreciation for the treadmill. You know…distance makes the heart grow stronger. It doesn’t just apply to men (or women or whatever).

Sadly… after my “giving it a go” the hip pain was back the next day… as bad as ever. This was not good since the pain had pretty much dissipated and I only felt it a couple of times a week. So I downgraded my treadmill usage back to a max speed of 4.0. It’s not enough! (I’m feeling a bit childish about this.)

I know that since I’ve had to stop running my cardio has been lacking…big time! The treadmill was a surefire way to get my heart rate into the Fat Burning and Cardio Training Zones. My fallback? Spin Class and the Stairmaster. Unfortunately the Stairmaster does seem less exciting now due to overuse.

I have jumped around trying some of the various elliptical machines but none of them measure up to the Treadmill or Stairmaster. I feel so limited.

I haven’t seen Bob since trying the treadmill. I have an appointment with him next week for a check up on the hip flexor and my newer problem with my lower arm/elbow (which he diagnosed as strained due to over compensating for a weak rotator cuff). Fitness is a contact sport so injuries are gonna happen and I’m gonna have to work through it.

I couldn’t stop myself from giving the treadmill another go on Saturday. (I wanted to experiment with it one more time before I see Bob again.) I did intervals… but this time I only ran at 6.0 for 30 seconds with either a 60 or 90 second interval at 4.0. And yay! The pain did not worsen…so yep I tried it again today.

I’m now hopeful that I’ll be able to slowly work my way up to longer intervals without further aggravating my hip flexor. (Hmm, do you think that’s what Bob meant by “take it slow”?) I’d really like to put my hip flexor strain behind me so I can focus on my arm/elbow strain. The pain in my arm is worse (than my hip) and I’m reminded of it every time I pick something up – yikes.

Being banned from the treadmill made me realize something. I’ve never considered myself a runner. Honestly I’m really not a runner…not the type of runner that runs sans treadmill. You know…outside in the great outdoors on the street. But I miss running on the treadmill and this is huge!!!

When I was young I did not take part in sports due to having asthma so I was never an athlete. Anytime I tried to run an asthma attack was pretty much guaranteed. Now…I am an athlete! Not in the playing sports sort of way…in the busting butt at the gym sort of way. Who knew?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I did say I was going to ramble… Until tomorrow… Kathi

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