the best compliment…

the best compliment…

The best compliment? When someone asks for advice…

It’s obvious, since I’m writing a blog about my fitness journey, that I like sharing my journey with whomever will listen. With the blog you (thank you by the way) have to decide that you are interested enough to take a few minutes to read beyond the headlines.

I’m sure some of you decide whether to read the daily blog based on the title or first few sentences. Others of you it’s a matter of time – do you have time to spare for a little blog time out? For some of you (if you’ve managed to get this far) you may have simply stumbled upon my blog as a result of a search you were doing and here you are. This is all good. I really appreciate you – my fans – regardless of your motivation to stick with me. I really, really do appreciate you!

The next best thing to blogging is when someone acknowledges my efforts by asking me for advice. Today as I was settling up at my salon one of the gals said: “you are health conscious, how do you deal with cravings?” (The greatest compliment!) I inquired what kind of cravings. She was talking about graving fast food.

I just need a crack in the door and I’ll walk in. I learned that she craves Taco Bell, primarily their tacos. So I suggested that she make her own healthy tacos using extra lean ground pork, low sodium taco mix, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, and low-carb low-fat soft tacos. Oh yeah and top it off with salsa – as much salsa as she wants since it’s fat-free.

I believe that a lot of the time it’s worse to fight a craving than find a way to solve the craving. She thought that the home-made healthy tacos were a great idea – yay!

She opened the door, I walked through it, and I wasn’t quite done with my free advice. My extra advice was if she does fail and she finds herself at Taco Bell (or where ever) eating fast food she must rebound – the NEXT day! It’s so easy to let a slip up spiral into a multi-day (or even worse week) slip up. The longer you sit around feeling bad about a little indiscretion and repeating it day after day the further you get from your goal.

It was a good day! I’m all blond again and I got asked for advice.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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    1. kathi Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I’m happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog…I enjoy writing it. 😉