long-term break from the treadmill…sad!

long-term break from the treadmill…sad!

It’s official…me and the treadmill are on a “break”.

After having to stay away for several weeks and then finally being reunited I’m now on an official “break” from the treadmill. Bob (physiotherapist) has once again banned the treadmill.

When I saw Bob on Tuesday I gave him an update on my treadmill experiment (starting slow, but apparently not slow enough). He did his magic to determine if the strength of my hip flexor had improved and the prognosis was “not enough” so “stay off the treadmill”…”it will only lead to more heartache (oh he didn’t really say that)”.

Anyways…I broke things off with the treadmill and we are on a “break”. I’m now fully committed to embracing my relationship with the stairmaster. I’ll be looking for a plan B for the days I just can’t take another minute on the stairmaster or I’m feeling bored. I’m planning on trying out more of the elliptical machines. There’s a few that I have not tried yet.

Bob also checked out the status of my rotator cuff which in the scheme of things, due to the pain I’m having in my lower arm, is more concerning to me. Upon further evaluation Bob determined that my rotator cuff weakness is more likely the result of a problem with my neck/rib area. So he did some adjusting (don’t you just love that popping sound when someone adjusts your back/neck?) and he felt confident that it immediately improved my rotator cuff strength.

Yep, my lower arm still hurts but I think it’s not as bad as usual. Tonight is upper body with Chris, so we’ll see how the pain is after the gym tonight. I’m going back to Bob next week to check in and for more treatment on the neck/ribs.

In the meantime I’m going to get over the treadmill and make peace with the other cardio machines and continue to work in the extra eleven phsysical therapy exercises during the week.

Have a great weekend! Kathi