how do i do that? tips 4 & 5

how do i do that? tips 4 & 5

“How do I do that?” – CONTINUED

How do I answer this question when my friends ask? All they want to do is start their own fitbattle and succeed…

A few weeks ago I touched on this subject and promised to get back to it.

I’ve learned over the last few years that when I give advice it’s best doled out in small doses. Otherwise it’s pretty much information overload for the friend who asked me “how do I do that?”

A few weeks ago I shared my first three tips that I would offer:

  1. Eat a high protein breakfast starting tomorrow
  2. Eliminate high calorie/carb beverages and drink plenty of water (coffee is okay too, but watch the extras)
  3. No more carbs at night unless it’s in the form of protein or a veggie

We are going to assume that my “friend” came back for more or we were out at happy hour and I asked them how it was going? The first thing I would do is check to see how they are doing with the first three tips. It’s much easier to make small changes over time rather than attempting an overall overnight.

Let’s assume my friend implemented all three tips and it’s going well. It’s time for two more tips. Just like the first round of advice, I’d start with a question:

How many meals do you eat each day?

I’ve found that most people are doing good if they get three meals in each day. Life, work, responsibilities, schedules…all get in the way of taking care of ourselves. Of course I’m going to push my friend and recommend they implement (Tip #4) a five to six meal a day plan. Yeah I realize that this means that they (or you) will feel like you are eating all day.

I’m convinced this is an important change to make. Why? Well if you are eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two to three snacks the candy machine at the end of the hall or the candy dish on your co worker’s desk wont be as big of a temptation when you have a bad day and end up working through lunch and your last meal was breakfast.

If you are prepared for a couple of snacks during the day, worst case if you do work through lunch, you’ve had breakfast and a morning snack and rather than eating a snickers you can eat your afternoon snack.

Tip #5 doesn’t require a question…it’s simple…start keeping a log of everything you eat. I believe if everyone kept a journal of what they ate everyday and how they were feeling they wouldn’t need my advice.

We all know what is bad for us and what is good for us. You’d have to be living in a cave to avoid ever seeing the “food pyramid”. For most of us our problem is that we believe our own B.S. excuses and justifications for why we are overweight.

Heck for 45 years I convinced myself that I was happy being fat.

This is a good time for a new soldier in the fitbattle to implement accountability. You can lie to your friends and family, even your doctor, but you cannot lie to yourself.

I would bet hard cold cash that anyone who implements these first five tips will lose weight. I’ll circle back to this subject in another couple of weeks.

Until tomorrow! Kathi