ring girl for halloween-2011?

ring girl for halloween-2011?

What was I thinking? Oh yeah…I was kidding!

Apparently my friend Sheila didn’t realize that I was “just kidding”!

Last Halloween Sheila and I dressed up as UFC fighters – not real sexy, but a lot of fun. Sheila is the real UFC fan…I’m just along for the ride. There’s something about the rough and tough battle between two fighters that I really like. Similar to my new found love for football. I think there may be some correlation to muscle and the love of violent sports. It doesn’t hurt that the ratio of guys to girls out on a UFC night is in our favor.

Yes, I have no problem choosing a fighter to cheer for on the fly. But don’t ask me who’s fighting on August 28, I don’t pay that close attention (Sheila does). I (we) do like Randy Couture (gotta cheer for the old guy) and I’ll definitely cheer on Forrest Griffin if he’s fighting (since we go to the same gym – well he sometimes goes to my gym).

If one of the fighters is from Brazil and they’re wearing those BadBoy logo’d tighty whities or just plane old tight boxing shorts you can be sure I’ll be cheering for him. Otherwise it’s a pot shot.

So why Ring Girls for Halloween? I was just kidding around but Sheila took me seriously (which is usually the case regardless of what I’m kidding about and yes I kid around all the time). I said something like…”next year we need to dress up as Ring Girls…hee hee”.

Here we are  82 days and counting until Halloween (really 81 since I’m sure we’ll be celebrating on Saturday not Sunday). Although the idea is completely ridiculous I’m kind of jazzed up about the challenge. Sheila and I went to lunch yesterday because she wanted advice on how to adjust her diet so she’s ab ready for the Ring Girl costume. Oh $#!%!!! Are we really going to do this?

Sheila is definitely in better ab shape than I am. Since she mentioned it a couple of days ago I’ve definitely stepped up my ab exercises the last few days. My problem is that I’m 4…cough, cough… and things are not that tight in that area any more. What can you expect? I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds and some of the fat I lost came from my mid-section.

My belly button is like a frown. ;( Not sure if there’s enough skin tightening cream to turn my belly button frown upside-down. But you know what? I’m gonna go for it anyways. It’s a fun goal to shoot for and worst case I’ll wear the Ring Girl sign over my mid-section, stay on my feet all night (so I don’t have to sit down and disclose my flab, and have several cocktails so I can forget that I’m wearing next  to nothing.

Until tomorrow! Kathi