yes! i’m always judging what people are eating!

yes! i’m always judging what people are eating!

Anyone that has spent quality time with me has already figured this out, but I always deny it…

YES! You are right! I am always judging what other people are eating and drinking. I never stop… I can’t help myself!

Most of the time I bite my tongue and don’t say anything…really I do! And other times…well my friends (and sometimes strangers) are not so lucky and I say what I’m thinking.

I was at Starbucks one day with some high school friends (we are planning our 30-year reunion…yes I said 30-year reunion) and friend X (who will remain nameless) ordered a venti soy vanilla latte. Conveniently Starbucks has brochures (“nutrition by the cup”) readily available for reference before, during, or after you’ve enjoyed a beverage.

So I walked over and picked up one of the brochures. A venti soy vanilla latte is 300 whopping calories (oh it gets better) and has 52 grams of carbs. It’s the equivalent of one meal for me. I’m hands down against drinking calories. My only exceptions are my triple espresso with a splash of non-fat milk and one splenda or cocktails at happy hour. Otherwise my only beverage is water…water…water.

My friend didn’t take offense. He knows I’m obsessed and I’m pretty sure he appreciates all that I’ve done to get into the shape I’m in today.

With strangers I’m usually a little more subtle. I might just make an observation while they are window shopping about how bad that muffin is for you nutritionally. Watch out if you don’t know me and actually strike up a conversation with me about food and/or beverage. It’s like fueling a wild fire.

I have absolutely no finesse when it comes to delivering my opinion about how bad peoples choices are. I think you could compare me to an alcoholic that’s on the wagon or someone who has quit smoking. We want everyone to follow out lead and adopt our new lifestyle…fattening food or alcohol or smoke free.

The good news is that I have gained more and more control the last three years over the compulsion to make a comment about food and beverage choices. This is a good thing since I still have a few friends left.

Until tomorrow! Kathi