this is definitely tmi…but i’m gonna share anyways

this is definitely tmi…but i’m gonna share anyways

When you lose weight there are interesting little changes in your body that sometimes make me giggle…

The only analogy I can think…it sometimes feels like I’m driving a rental car. The basic functionality from one car to another is the same but you always come across a few subtle differences like the location of the window controls.

The other day I was in the bathroom (yep, that’s why I titled this “definitely tmi”) and I caught a glimpse of my right arm pit. I looked and then looked again. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I had to get closer to the mirror to confirm that what I thought I saw was really what I was seeing.

Ah ha! Have I at least piqued your interest? I thought so!

I realized that I had missed some hair when shaving. So what?…you are wondering. Well it wasn’t just one day of growth…it was more like a few days.

After further investigation I realized that my arm pits have a new con-caved shape making shaving a little more challenging. There’s this muscle that goes across the front of my arm pit that protrudes resulting in my arm pit having more of an indention (or I suppose you could say a “pit”).

Definition of pit:  a natural hollow in the surface of the body

This particular muscle seems to be just a bit larger on my right arm explaining why I only missed this section of hair growth in my right arm pit.

(A little side note…one of my friends, Craig, loves to take a snippet of my blog and send it to my sister. Nope she doesn’t read my blog. He likes to send her one sentence that stands out to him and out of context usually sounds ridiculous. I’m so happy to provide him with an entire blog of sentences that if taken out of context make for a funny snippet to send to my sister.)

Anyways, I’m not complaining. I like my new muscles. This little discovery made me laugh out loud after I got past the horror of the unwanted hair. It’s just another thing about my body that I took for granted. It’s really much easier to shave (non-pitted) arm pits.

Thankfully no one else witnessed my cave woman like right arm pit before I found it. Well I don’t think anyone did… If someone did see it they sure didn’t let me know.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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