eat, pray, favre…gotta luv those headlines!

eat, pray, favre…gotta luv those headlines!

My favorite line from Jason Gay’s article in the Wall Street Journal:

Dejected geezer goes back home, sits in an easy chair, pronounces himself finished, says he’s too banged up for one more, grows out his beard, lards on a little off-season flab, starts day-dreaming about that final game, how it didn’t end the exact right way and then…

Yep Favre is back AGAIN. Who didn’t expect him to return from retirement (again)? Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay in the game? I would think so.

I know that I always have a hard time getting my head back in the “game” (well not football) after only a day off from the gym. Imagine heading into the off-season thinking you are done for good. How do you come back from that?

I took yesterday off and this morning I was dragging during my workout. That’s why a lot of weekends I rally and don’t take off the 7th day. I know even God rested for a day and Favre rests for a lot longer, physically and mentally.

Favre, well I’m sure he knew all along that he would or could be talked into returning to football…yet again. I bet the $20MM didn’t hurt either.

You can’t help but cheer a little for him when he’s on the field. It’s exciting to see a football veteran continue to preform at his level. And all of the talk and jokes about him just make him that more endearing. No one is perfect and he an expert at being flawed.

I can’t imagine what it takes to get back into the physical condition required to be an effective QB. If Jason Gay is right about the easy chair and flab…Brett must be feeling just a little sluggish right now. I wonder what his workout routine is like???

I checked with google and unfortunately I couldn’t find a definitive answer. eHow does have an article on “How to Train Like NFL Football Players”. Assuming we trust that they are at least close to accurate in their answer, here’s what eHow said must be included in a football player like regimen:  weight training, core strength training, cardio, high protein diet, and a personal trainer is a good idea.

Hmm sounds like an everyday fitbattle to me. Football players need to be fit and if a football game isn’t a battle I don’t know what is. Hopefully Favre is doing well in his fitbattle so he’s ready for the regular season. He started training camp three weeks after the rest of the team and just in time to play a bit in game two of the preseason.

It’s debatable whether or not there’s value in the preseason games since football is a contact sport and who wants to get injured before the season has even started? Maybe Favre should save his battles for the regular season and focus on his readiness now.

I for one am very excited about the start of football season. Sundays on the sofa eating an omelet and drinking coffee, forgoing a shower and the gym, and watching football all day…here I come!

Until tomorrow! Kathi