no need to call 911…the firemen are on the treadmills

no need to call 911…the firemen are on the treadmills

There’s something about men in uniforms…even it it’s just shorts and firemen t-shirts.

As I approached the cardio equipment there they were…three firemen running in unison on the treadmills. I was planning on using a treadmill for a few minutes to warm up before getting on the stairmaster…so I moved in on the firemen.

Well I lost my nerve and got on a treadmill one away although there was one open right next to the firemen.

I always feel safer at the gym when they are there. I haven’t figured out if they have a specific schedule yet but I have noticed that it’s more likely that I’ll see them when I work out earlier in the morning. I suppose it’s good that I haven’t figured out their schedule. If I had I might qualify as a firemen stalker.

Within a few minutes of hopping on the treadmill the song “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston… “Somebody call 911…” started playing on my iPod Shuffle and I thought…no need they are here to my left getting their cardio on.

For a brief moment I thought…”that’s it maybe I can be a fire-person…I’m in good physical shape…I bet I could pass whatever fitness test they have to take.” Then I came to my senses and realized I’m better off just watching the firemen run on the treadmills or use the stairmaster. I’m not going to be a fire-person.

I gotta tell you all of the firemen I see at the gym are in good shape. I wonder if LVAC let’s them use the gym for free? It would be a win/win for everyone. Free workouts for the firemen and firemen in the building for a few hours a day…not a bad deal.

I cannot tell you any more about their workout…other than they definitely do cardio. I also saw a couple of other firemen in the stretching area. I’m sure they do strength training too but on the days I see them I’m focusing on cardio so of course the firemen I see are in the cardio area.

Other than not being hard on the eyes the firemen create a little diversion for me…they take my mind off of my workout for a few minutes. If I’m lucky and timing is on my side they are around for my entire 45 minutes of cardio and as a result the time flies by as I ponder their presence at the gym and giggle when “Fire Burning” plays.

When you workout as much as I do these little trips in my mind make all the difference. Cardio does get a bit repetitive so I welcome distractions, especially when they are firemen!

Until tomorrow! Kathi