how do i do that? tips 6 & 7

how do i do that? tips 6 & 7

“How do I do that?” – CONTINUED

How do I answer this question when my friends ask? All they want to do is start their own fitbattle and succeed…

As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject…advice it’s best doled out in small doses. So here’s a couple more pieces of advice for starting your own fitbattle. I’m assuming that you’ve implemented most if not all of the first five tips:

  1. Eat a high protein breakfast
  2. Eliminate high calorie/carb beverages and drink plenty of water (coffee is okay, but watch the extras)
  3. No more carbs at night unless it’s in the form of protein or a veggie
  4. Start eating 5 to 6 smaller meals per day vs. 2 or 3 big meals
  5. Log everything you eat

How is the food logging going?

If you’ve committed to logging all of your food you are ready for Tips 6 & 7. If not, I suggest you bookmark this blog and come back to it after you’ve started logging your food. Tips 6 & 7 are kind of related to the much overused question… “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

I can assure you Tips 6 & 7 rely on your commitment to Tip 5!

Tip 6…start counting calories, protein, carbs and fat. Determine the max number of calories you should consume per day. There are a lot of online resources that offer calorie calculators. Chris, my trainer, has one on his site. Click here to use his calculator and read more about nutrition.

If you are already logging food this is a rather simple next step. Start reading the labels and/or researching the details of the foods you are eating. There are plenty of online free resources for researching the calories, carbs, protein, and fat in foods. If you have an iPhone check out the “mynetdiary” app. From your PC you can try or Or simply google: free calorie counters and find one that you like.

The great thing about most of these resources is that you can log your food online and it will calc the totals for you. If that’s not your cup of tea you can use the Internet for information and keep a manual log. You can also find food logs (with an index in the back which has details for most foods) at your local bookstore.

Tip 7…Eliminate all of the food booby traps from your pantry. By now, assuming you’ve logged your food and you were honest on the log, you know what weaknesses you have. It’s time to eliminate all temptations! If you live alone this is easy. If not, you may need to get some help from your family and/or roommates. Once the temptations have been removed it’ll make it harder to cheat.

Now…go forth and prosper. Your fitbattle is well underway!

Until tomorrow! Kathi