Bob and I are DONE…relax he’s my physiotherapist

Bob and I are DONE…relax he’s my physiotherapist

No more physical therapy…hip, hip, hurray!!!

I’m gonna miss Bob…my Physiotherapist. But I’m not gonna miss the hip pain, headaches, and handing over a $20 co-pay every time I visit Bob.

I had my last appointment (for the time being) with Bob on Friday. After a quick talk, a poke or two in my neck, and an evaluation of my hip and rotator cuff strength we agreed that we would part ways. Of course Bob will always be there if I need him and he told me all I have to do is call. For now I’m on my own.

It was a good visit. I haven’t had a neck strain related headache for at least two weeks now (knock wood), my hip pain is gone (and no…I have not been running on the treadmill), and although I still have pain in my forearm the strength in my rotator cuff is much better.

Since Bob is such a stand up guy and I wasn’t in the office for more than 10 minutes on Friday he had the gal at the desk give me my $20 co-pay back.

Besides refunding my co-pay (on two occasions now) Bob knows his stuff! That’s why anytime I’m asked if I know of a good Physical Therapist or when I’m talking about my therapy and the person I’m speaking with asks for Bob’s 411 I gladly give out his info.

I have no doubt that I’ll need Bob again in the future, but for now I’m back to 100%. Well yes except for the forearm pain that I’m confident will start to get better since my rotator cuff strength has improved. I will definitely include the exercises that Bob has showed me over the last (gosh has it really been that long) 4-5 months in my workout routine.

Working out is a contact sport and the body is a complicated piece of machinery so there’s no doubt that I’ll need some tweaking again from Bob.

After all…you know what I say…

No Pain…No Gain

Know Pain…Know Gain

Until tomorrow! Kathi