we were mooned at the gym

we were mooned at the gym

Oh no she didn’t!!!

On Tuesday night Chris (my personal trainer) and I were minding our own business… me on the floor doing rows, push ups and sideways plank walk or maybe it was more of a crawl…Chris encouraging me along and making sure no one tripped over me…and there she was.

She was a car wreck!

Ya know…you see it and you just cannot pry your eyes from the the scene. We knew it was wrong to stare but we couldn’t help ourselves. We eventually tried to get a picture of her but we got the idea of snapping a photo too late and the opportunity slipped through our fingers. So you are gonna have to use your imaginations as I attempt to describe what we saw.

Let me say this was wrong on sooooo many levels and as far as I’m concerned someone in management at LVAC should have asked this gal to leave and for those of you who read my “Hot or Not” series…this goes without saying…what we saw was definitely NOT hot.

Okay…so we were up on the second level in front of one of the classrooms…me on the floor and Chris observing my athletic prowess and we saw her…way too much of her.

She was probably in her late 20’s, not bad looking, about 5′ 5″, long wavy brown locks, and a little thick…not terribly overweight but not thin either. Got an image of her? Now imagine her wearing a pair of boy-short style shorts (very short shorts). They were black and white print with a hounds tooth (like) pattern. They may have been one size too big for her.

The waistband should have been worn around her hips…unfortunately she missed the mark or should I say her hips. She had the waistband pulled up to her waist (I suppose she was taking the “waistband’ literally). “So what” you are thinking. Well let me tell you “so what”. Remember I mentioned that they were boy-short style and very short shorts? Well since she pulled the waistband up to her waist instead of her hips she was exposing at least 20% of her nether region. Yes it was like a crescent moon times two.

Do you see it in your mind’s eye? Now add a white sports bra and some tennis shoes. with ankle socks. Oh, and the front view was scary too.

We actually had the pleasure of not only seeing this gal upstairs…we also saw her downstairs making a purchase at the snack bar. This is where the rubber met the road. I don’t think there was one person who didn’t find themselves staring at this girl. As hard as everyone tried they could not look away.

Honestly it was almost sad…all those people looking and laughing at her. Okay it wasn’t really sad but I thought showing a little compassion would be nice. And yes there was a lot of staring and snickering.

Chris and I pondered this gal’s outfit for the second time as we sat in the snack bar. I was curious about Chris’ reaction and that of the other men in the general vicinity. They all seemed amused, at best. So I asked Chris…”come on theres gotta be guys that think that looks good, right? there must be, that’s why she’s wearing that outfit.” Chris assured that guys (in general) do not find her look attractive. When I asked him again, in disbelief he said “okay yeah guys in jail”. LOL…that’s what I love about Chris…his sense of humor.

Our girl got her order and headed up the stairs for (I’m guessing) a workout or maybe just to prance around mooning everyone. I bumped into a yellow shirt (LVAC staff trainer) in the locker room and asked her if there was a dress code for the gym. She assured me there was. So I told her about the girl’s outfit and she told me she would try and find her. I doubt she did but it made me feel better to report the crude outfit.

I’m telling you that girl is a walking advertisement for why it’s a good idea to use the disinfecting spray before using (or sitting on) any gym equipment (or chairs).

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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  1. aDale Kohnen

    I was going to leave a comment on your blog, then changed my mind. Do you mind me asking what wordpress theme you are using? Is it easy to customize? I Thank You in advance. I love the design of your blog. You mind telling the themeyou are currently using? Thanks a bunch, Joanne.

    1. kathi Post author

      Hello Joanne…

      No worries! The name of the theme is: Mystique 2.4.2 by digitalnature

      I’ve found it easy to make changes to and it does have a great deal more flexibility that some of the first few themes I tried. I’m no html expert. 😉 Kathi