rejection hurts but it won’t kill you

rejection hurts but it won’t kill you

Rejected cause I do not have the moves…

Those close to me know that I’m trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I do know that I want to do something in the health and fitness industry…I’m just not sure exactly what yet.

At some point in almost every spin class the question pops into my mind…”I wonder if I could be a spin instructor and I wonder what it takes to be one?” The other day on was visiting facebook and I noticed an announcement by LVAC about a new group fitness class that they were holding a recruitment event for…BodyVive. So I emailed the Group Fitness Manager as instructed and registered for the event.

I thought that it might be a good way to learn more about becoming a group fitness instructor even if I did not get selected for BodyVive. From reading the info on facebook I did figure out that the recruitment event was two-fold…we (the attendees) get to learn more about becoming an instructor and they (the group fitness gurus) get to evaluate your capabilities to do the BodyVive workout.

If you visit my blog regularly or you know me know that I frequent the spin classes and typically do not attend any other classes. I have taken yoga, I’ve tried BodyPump, I’ve also tried Zumba once (but I was not good at it), and I’ve taken Boot Camp. The reason I was no good at Zumba was because I could not get the moves down…so yes, very ambitious of me to sign up to be considered as a BodyVive instructor.

Upon arriving, signing in, and being assigned name tag “#6” I ended up chatting with a gal (Lisa), a personal trainer at one of the other LVAC clubs, who thought being an instructor might be a good way to help more people and expand her network. Most of the gals there (the one guy disappeared before the recruitment got underway) were younger (than me), already instructors or personal trainers, and/or have taken most of the “LesMills” Body classes already available at LVAC.

After observing the registration process I made a comment to Lisa that it felt like we were trying out to be cheerleaders, although I’ve never actually tried out I was assuming that it’s what it would feel like to do so.

After waiting around for a bit we eventually got invited into the classroom. The gals that were leading the recruitment event were having trouble getting a DVD to project via an LCD projector and in jest asked if any of us could help expecting that no one would know how to help. They underestimated us (me)…of course I could help! I’ve done more presentations than I can count…so I got their DVD up and running. And now #6 was in the running! They knew who I was cause I saved the day.

Big sigh of relief and the event gets under way. The first bit was all of the blah, blah, blah about how to become instructor, the process, what it pays and costs, pros and cons of being an instructor, benefits of being an instructor, etc.

Then they had each of us stand up and introduce ourselves and asked each of various personal questions…like “how would your friends describe you?”, “why do you want to teach BodyVive”, “tell us about a fitness goal you had and how you accomplished it”, etc. After Lisa sat down from her turn she leaned over to me and said: “this does feel like cheerleader tryouts”.

Next it was onto the DVD. Yes, the one that we were only watching and following along to because I (#6) saved the day. We were told to watch the video, follow the instructions (for the BodyVive workout), and do the workout. So remember how I mentioned earlier that I was NO GOOD at Zumba? Well this was easier than Zumba but it still required the ability to pick up on the choreography.

Since I’ve not taken any of the Body???? classes that incorporate movements to music I was, let’s just say, not nearly as good as the girl that told us during her introduction: “I’ve been a dancer all my life”, or the gal that said: “I take all of the Body???? classes and love them”,  or the other gal who shared: “I’m a Body???? instructor and want to be a BodyVive instructor too”.

We finish up this portion of the recruitment and learned that “call backs” would happen in the next 24 hours. The Group Fitness Manager (Melanie) explained that if we are not selected for this particular class certification or at this particular time it doesn’t mean that we should not continue to pursue our goal of being a group fitness instructor. It just might mean that BodyVive may not be for us or we need to get more experience and try again.

Off we go…our separate ways to sit by the phone and await the call back or not.

About 5:45pm last night…I got the call. First of all Melanie (who personally called me vs. her assistant) thanked me again for saving the day with the projector. Next she told me that I have been preselected to be a BodyPump instructor. This is due to the strength I displayed during the tryout section of the recruitment and that the shape I’m in is perfect to lead that class. She went on to tell me that BodyVive is not for me at this time.

Melanie gave me the news in the nicest way possible and honestly I knew when I left the event that moving to music is hard enough for me let alone being responsible to lead a class too. She continued on to say that they thought I had good presence and that I would be a great group fitness instructor. They are hoping to offer a certification class for BodyPump before the end of the year.

So I was rejected…in the nicest way possible…but at the same time not all was lost because I’ve been pre-selected (accepted) to be a BodyPump instructor. BodyPump is a better class for me to lead. It’s more aligned with how I spend my time at the gym…doing strength training. I am going to try more of the Body???? classes so I’m more familiar with the format, energy, and to get a better appreciation for this brand of classes. And YES…if they end up scheduling a BodyPump certification I’m “All In”.

I know one thing that I do want to aspire to do…and that’s to inspire others to start their fitbattle. I’m perfectly happy doing it one person at a time, but if I had the opportunity to inspire a classroom full of people…even better!

Until next week! Kathi