should i take my scale back? NO!

should i take my scale back? NO!

My scale is flirting with me and wants me back!

I broke up with my scale several months ago. I even wrote a “Dear John” letter to my scale… silly, I know. It was a little rough at first…but I owed it to myself and you (my fans). I was enchanted with my scale…some would even say I was addicted.

I had no idea how many times I was stepping on the scale until I put it away in an effort to break the habit of weighing myself every day. Try it and find out how many times you are weighing yourself…you may think it’s once (or twice) a day (that’s what I thought). I was shocked to realize that some days I would (out of habit) walk towards the empty spot where the scale once sat every time I entered the bathroom…yep addicted. believe me you do not lose weight in an hour (or four).

Yes, the scale is back in the bathroom. But I broke my habit of weighing myself multiple times a day. I check my “Morning Naked Weight” a few times a week (more times than I should). Lately my scale has been teasing me. One morning I’ll weigh 129.6…a couple of days later 130.2. Up and down. It’s been a couple of weeks that I’ve been hovering around 130 pounds.

My last official weigh in with Chris (my personal trainer) was on July 30. I weighed in at 132.4 (down 3.4 pounds from May 28). Losing weight has been a much slower process lately. Now that I’m flirting with 130…I’d really like to get below it and stay there. This is not as easy as it sounds…especially since I stopped logging my food. I’m not a patient person…so the up and down is driving me a bit nuts.

After rereading my “Dear John” letter to my scale I was reminded why I dumped my scale on May 21. On that day I weighed 135.6 which was up 0.8 from the previous week. I was really frustrated and after a lot of urging from Chris I decided to take the plunge and stop weighing myself every week. Checking my weight on a regular basis is part of the journey but it’s not the the most important measurement of how my fitbattle is progressing.

It’s been three plus months and I’ve proven that you can stop weighing yourself (daily/weekly) and still lose weight and who knows…maybe that’s why I’ve been able to lose more weight. So I’m going to get back to the basics and not let the allure of my scale (and 129 pounds) seduce me into returning to an unhealthy relationship that only serves to undermine my efforts.

So there you have it…me and the scale are going to remain broken up.

Until tomorrow! Kathi