vodka club, half salad, half louisiana chicken pasta…1300 calories

vodka club, half salad, half louisiana chicken pasta…1300 calories

You’ve got to be kidding me!

I ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory last night and took a significant detour from my food ordering protocol.

Okay…the French Country Salad (really half a salad) not a bad choice. The entree on the other hand…oh my!

We split the Louisiana Chicken Pasta…yum, yum!! I knew, as I took each bite, that no good could come from eating something that tasted soooo good. Here’s the description form the Cheesecake Factory Menu:

Louisiana Chicken Pasta

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Served Over Pasta with Mushrooms, Peppers and Onions in a Spicy New Orleans Sauce.

Not surprising…the Cheesecake Factory does not provide any nutritional information on their website. I did find a handful of websites that claim to know some basic nutritional information on this and other dishes.

I hope you are sitting down. Drum roll…

  • Calories = 2050
  • Saturated Fat = 158
  • Sodium = 1940
  • Carbs = 168

We split this dish too…so worst case I had 1025 calories, 79 grams of saturated fat, 970 grams of sodium, and 84 grams of carbs. Yep…that’s bad! I did eat my fair share of the breaded chicken and I’m pretty sure I did not eat half of the pasta.

Thank goodness I’m not logging my food – whew! This is 2/3 of my target calories and it doesn’t include the salad (half salad = 195 calories) and vodka/club (approximately 100 calories) that I had with dinner. So basically I ate a days worth of calories in one meal.

It’s no wonder 60% of American are obese when we love, love, love eating out at restaurants that serve entrees that equal a days worth of calories in one dish. Then consider the amount of carbs in those dishes that are consumed at dinner when we should be minimizing our carb intake. Let me stop here…you get the point.

I know I shouldn’t admit it but man the Louisiana Chicken Pasta was one tasty dish. The Chicken was cooked just right. The cream sauce on the pasta…well who doesn’t like cream sauce. The combined flavors of the Parmesan crusted chicken and the spicy cream sauce…perfect!

A frequent question I get from fans and friends alike: “do you cheat?” or “do you allow yourself a cheat day?” I do not have a planned cheat day and yes I do cheat or allow myself to enjoy an indulgence now and then. After all I didn’t work this hard to never enjoy a good meal, dessert, or cocktail again. I worked this hard to be healthy and live longer. One indulgent meal isn’t going to reverse all my hard work and progress.

Today I’m back on the nutrition wagon and having no regrets…well maybe just a little regret. I would have never guessed that the Louisiana Chicken Pasta would equate to 2000 calories.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

7 thoughts on “vodka club, half salad, half louisiana chicken pasta…1300 calories

  1. Charlotte

    It’s really awesome that you are able to enjoy food like that when you have it! You are totally right, you should be able to indulge occasionally (hate using the word cheat). Great post.

  2. Elliott Goodwin

    My eyes were opened after reading Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan’s stuff, and some Paleo Diet books. I think the Paleo Diet posits that the food is designed to taste amazing by combining ingredients that we naturally crave (fat, sugar, salt) in large quantities.

    I have an app on my phone that allows me to look up nutrition information. At least after looking it up, I am informed before I consume massive amounts of salt, carbs and fat.