got my butt kicked at Spin class tonight

got my butt kicked at Spin class tonight

Spin class kicked my butt tonight!

I shouldn’t have taken soooo much time off from Spin Class. I took Spin on Saturday but tonight’s class kicked my butt.

Life has gotten in my way lately and I’ve not been to Spin class for…I’m not even sure how many weeks. Reunion planning, friends visiting, Monday night football…I can go on with my excuses.

It doesn’t change the fact that getting back into the Spin groove is not easy. I’m not sure why the class tonight seemed so much harder than the class I attended on Saturday, but man I struggled through the entire class.

What’s the significant difference between the two instructors? The gal that lead Saturday’s class plays music that I swear she took right off my iPod Shuffle. She talks a little too much – just a little. For some reason she’s not as tough as tonight’s instructor…I’m not sure why.

Jessica (tonight’s instructor) is all business. She was subbing for Corey (the regular Monday night instructor). Her music is good, she provides clear direction, and she talks just enough to stay in your head. It’s like she knows when you want to slow down or ease up and then she says something like “stay with it”. She keeps things moving and provides just enough breaks. The other thing I like about her is that she stays on her bike with the class, so she’s working as hard as we are.

Needless to say…all of my goofing off and skipping the best cardio workout I get during the week (Spin class) I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a few pounds too.

I’m going to focus on getting back to my twofers (two works per day – three times per week), making it to Spin class at least two times per week and putting myself on nutrition and cocktail lock-down. After all I’ve got a high school reunion to attend in two weeks…I definitely wanna look as good as possible for the big event.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

One thought on “got my butt kicked at Spin class tonight

  1. Minna

    Hi Kathi,

    I know exactly how you feel. I missed my spinning/RPM classes for a week and struggled. I blamed the bike though…;). I too have put on a little weight, about 1.5 kgs. Summer is creeping up so despite not being able to run or do anything high impact at the moment, I have been managing to get to the gym most days. Now I just have to keep my food intake in check and all will be sweet.

    I do however feel better knowing that I am not the only one who finds that life gets in the way of my exercise goals.