wowza…leg day!

It’s a good day for leg day!

Noth’n like a good leg day to keep me on track. So let’s see if I can remember all six exercises that Chris had me do for the leg circuit today???

Check out the videos from Chris’ website to really appreciate my leg day…(I couldn’t find videos for all of them, but I found them for most.)

  1. Single Leg Deadlifts on a Bosu Ball with a 12 pound dumb bell. Ten reps per leg.
  2. Next Lunge to a Single Leg Box Jump. I think it was 15 reps per leg.
  3. On to Squats on a Bosu Ball with two 20 pound dumb bells…20 reps.
  4. Jumping Lunges. I have no idea how many reps maybe 20 (the way Chris counts…20 reps…one rep per leg) which when I count somehow Chris’ 20 is my 40.
  5. The exercise I struggled through…Single Leg Stability Ball Hamstring Curl. 15 reps per leg. It’s even harder than it sounds. And I did them with one leg…not two.
  6. Lastly…Mountain Climbers to Standing. 20 reps of these babies. I had to stand up and lunge back down in between every five Mountain Climbers.

Two times through and I was good to go. Leg day… check…check!

The interesting thing about getting back on track is that I wasn’t really that far off track. I worked out at least once per day all last week and only took three days off. Honestly my head wasn’t completely in the game last week so I’m sure that also impacted my workouts. I feel like I haven’t been to the gym for weeks…strange! But it’s good to be back physically and mentally.

Until tomorrow! Kathi