I’m addicted to caffeine…

I’m addicted to caffeine…

Is Caffeine all that bad for you?

How can something that makes you feel so good be bad for you? The majority of my caffeine is consumed at Starbucks, typically following a morning workout. I’m pretty much on auto-pilot… Finish workout, start car, car steers itself into Starbucks parking lot (which is about 1000 feet from the Gym parking lot), a few more steps and I’m at the counter ordering my usual.

My usual is a triple iced espresso in a grande cup, an ice water, and a spinach wrap. As soon as I pull in the parking a sense of calm comes over me. I know that only a few minutes are between me and that first sip. I love everything about the experience…the aroma, the friendly regular customers that great me in the parking lot, the associates (the ones that know me and my order), the comfort of the big cushy green chair that I like to plop down in as I take my second sip.

Next I unwrap the spinach wrap and take in a big whiff…yum! Before I take my first bite I open up my Words game on my iPhone and my morning is complete. A cardio workout, a triple espresso, my morning snack, and Words with Friends. What else can you ask for?

When someone (anyone) joins me at Starbucks and they hear my order…they typically gasp and say “three shots of espresso!” I’m constantly informing people that there is more caffeine in a grande drip coffee than there is in three shots of espresso. No one believes me, but here’s the 411 on the caffeine in some common caffeinated drinks:


  • Plain, brewed 8 oz = 135 mg (a grande drip is 16 oz.)
  • Instant 8 oz = 95 mg
  • Espresso 1 oz = 30-50 mg (times 3 is a max of 150 mg)
  • Plain, decaffeinated 8 oz = 5 mg


  • Green tea 8 oz = 25-40 mg
  • Black tea 8 oz = 40-70 mg

Soft Drinks

  • Coca-Cola Classic 12 oz = 34.5 mg
  • Diet Coke 12 oz = 46.5 mg
  • Dr. Pepper 12 oz = 42 mg
  • Mountain Dew 12 oz = 55.5 mg
  • Pepsi-Cola 12 oz = 37.5 mg
  • Sunkist Orange 12 oz = 42 mg

Energy Drink

  • Full Throttle, 16 oz = 144 mg
  • Red Bull, 8.5 oz = 80 mg
  • SoBe No Fear = 158 mg

My source for this info? Medicinenet.com

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Am I addicted? Can you be addicted to caffeine? Apparently it’s not conclusive. I’ve gone for a day or two without it and not gone completely crazy. But I gotta admit that my caffeine consumption is somewhat like breathing for me. It just happens with no thought at all.

Later… Kathi

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2 thoughts on “I’m addicted to caffeine…

  1. Elliott Goodwin

    I have found that I am just as addicted to the ritual as I am the coffee. Most of what you describe is ritual, too.

    Teresa and I regularly start and stop coffee habits. What stops the habit is our thought that coffee is somehow bad for us (when we are on our habit, we have one cup a day). What starts the habit back up is a desire for the ritual: getting out of the house, going for a walk, talking with the barista, sitting down, enjoying the morning.

    I think rituals are more interchangeable than addictions. When we stop our coffee fix, we normally do tea in the house. Homemade tea just isn’t as elaborate a ritual; it doesn’t force us to get out of the house. For some reason, we don’t buy coffee to make at home.

    1. kathi Post author

      Yes! The ritual is a bit part of it for me too! And Starbucks is my office so I gotta go into work right? hee hee. I also love the interaction with my fellow unemployed friends at the Starbucks near my Gym and I’m like Norm (from Cheers) at the Starbucks near my house. So yeah I love being able to hang with my peeps too. For now coffee and starbucks is gonna be part of my daily rituals. 😉 KK