slump or distracted?

slump or distracted?

Hmm…Am I in a slump? Or just distracted?

It’s been nine days since I wrote my last blog entry. I’m not really sure where the time went.

Well a little time was spent being distracted by Halloween and the thought that went into coming up with costumes that appealed to me, my MID (man I’m dating – that’s a code name – hee hee), and one of my best friends. We decided to do a group Halloween costume theme. I was the middle man (or I should say woman).

The rest of the time…where did it go? I have no idea. It’s fascinating really. When I was gainfully employed I used to wonder the same thing… “where does the day go?” Now (unemployed and you would assume having much more time) I still find myself asking the same question.

Yes I do visit the gym two times a day at least three days a week. That accounts for about 3.5 to 5 hours three or four days a week. How did I come up the time estimate? Well it usually takes me about 15 minutes to dress and put my gym bag together, 15 minute for the drive and parking, 15 minutes to visit the locker room and stretch, 45 minutes to an hour for the workout, and another 15 minutes to get home. I suppose you could also factor in time for a second shower resulting from the second gym visit.

Give or take 15 minutes here or there and voila four hours or so. Wow! That’s really incredible when you think about it. It’s no wonder people with jobs find it a challenge to get to the gym. I did it when I was working (well not two times per day). I drove to the gym directly from work. I always had my gym bag stocked and ready to go in the trunk of my car so I would have no excuse to skip the gym. I am (or was) a morning person, but not so much that I would get up early in the morning to go to the gym before work.

So…the rest of the day? Well usually after my morning workout I stop by Starbucks for a triple iced espresso, a spinach wrap, and a little reading or mingling with my unemployed friends. There goes another hour or so. Add in some studying for the NASM certification, blog writing (or not) and some procrastination (web surfing, checking email, etc.) and well the day is done. Fascinating really.

Slump or distracted? I’m going to say that I’m not in a slump…I’m just distracted! Which is better really. It just means I need to get my butt in gear (in more ways than one – pretty much all round) and start prioritizing. Less time at Starbucks…more time for studying and blogging! That’s it! Simple!!!

Until later! Kathi