valet parking at the gym…say it isn’t so!

valet parking at the gym…say it isn’t so!

Please say it isn’t so! Valet Parking at the gym…who’s great idea was that?

Okay…let me first address the elephant in the room…yes it’s been many days (actually a couple of weeks) since my last blog. Honestly I’m completely off track and I’m hoping this phase will pass soon. I’m still getting my workouts in (8-9 per week) and I’ve actually been able to use the treadmill without discomfort. My nutrition on the other hand is suffering. I’ve thought about going back to logging my food but I really want to win the nutrition battle (slump) without the assistance of a food log.

I know that I will be okay, but just like anyone else I am frustrated with myself and sometimes frustration leads to a bit of a downward spiral. I’m thankful that this phase I’m going through has not impacted my gym frequency and workouts…only my nutrition. With that said winning the fitbattle is about 60-75% nutrition so I really need to get out of this phase sooner than later. On most days I’ve been doing okay but then I find myself lacking discipline when faced with temptations.

Enough about the elephant! So I arrived at the gym this morning and voila! Inspiration for a blog. THANK YOU!!! As I approached the parking lot I saw a sign for Valet Parking. I thought…”it couldn’t be!” I pulled in and followed my standard route to find a parking space and “yep!” as I pulled around the end of the row there he was…a valet parker and the next row that I would normally pull into was blocked off.

You have to be kidding me! Valet Parking at the gym. Give me a bleeping break! I sure hope this is an experiment that ends up failing miserably. I realize we live in Vegas but we’re talking about SW/Summerlin not the Strip. It did appear that the valet option wasn’t terribly popular…I’m hoping that my fellow gym rats have strength and do not use this new service.

I suppose I should be happy that someone had the brilliant idea to implement valet parking at the gym so I could be inspired to blog again. As soon as I saw it I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing. Valet parking has awoken my inner blogger. Now if something could awaken my inner nutrition soldier so I can win the battle with the scale and get back to my all-time low weight of 130.

What do you think about valet parking at the gym? Leave me a comment…I love to hear from you!

Later… Kathi