NO!!! speaker phone in the gym shower… really?

NO!!! speaker phone in the gym shower… really?

Now I’ve seen and heard it all… let’s hope!

As I arrived in the shower area for my post workout shower this morning I couldn’t help but notice a woman talking on her cell phone (yes in the shower area). I assumed she’d end her call as she entered her stall… but NOPE!

Me and another woman made eye contact both looking equally confused and surprised by what we were witnessing. We exchanged a couple of comments back and forth regarding our disdain for this behavior.

The gal on the phone turned the shower on, put her phone on speaker, and continued her conversation while she showered.

P L E A S E ! ! ! This is taking the convenience of a cell phone WAY to far!!! She even told the person she was talking to that she was taking a shower. No kidding! I’m sure she could hear the water running.

I took my shower in shock and I was also thinking… WOW thanks for the new blog topic.

This is the type of behavior that will contribute to the end of civilization as we know it. What’s next? Please do not answer that question.

When I was in college (way before cell phones) I had all of my friend’s phone numbers memorized. I would call each of them…giving them the time and place of where we’d be meeting for a night out. If you didn’t show up you ran the risk of missing the night’s festivities… since if we changed locations there was no way to let anyone know. You either show up or you were out!

Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate the convenience of technology. There are a lot of benefits. There are also a lot of inconveniences… people do not have to be on time… they are not present in the moment walking, driving, standing in line, and now showering… everyone else has to be on the defense.

There’s no guarantee that someone on their cellphone is paying attention to the traffic light, staying in their lane when driving, going to the next register when it’s their turn, not spilling their coffee on you or letting a door close in your face. And now you can’t even take a shower in peace. It’s bad enough you gotta hear all those crazy noises people make in the gym showers, i.e. snorting, etc. now you have to listen to other people’s phone call too… ugh!

Let’s hope we all come to our senses and realize that there is a time and place for cellphones.  Behind the wheel of your car, in line at Starbucks, and the shower are places that cellphones should not be present… just to name a few.

Safe travels… use caution when you see someone wielding their cell phone.

Later! Kathi

2 thoughts on “NO!!! speaker phone in the gym shower… really?

  1. Teresa

    I am pretty sure that there are signs in my gym locker room that says no cell phones. I think that there have been instances of people snapping pictures of people unbeknownst to them (while getting dressed or into the shower) and posting them online, that alone is enough for me to say no cell phones in the locker room. Let alone talking in the shower. I think some people think that they are so important that they have to do these things. It must be good to feel that important!