let’s talk BodyPump…

let’s talk BodyPump…

Many of you know that I participated in the¬†BodyPump group fitness instructor training a couple of weekends ago. It was hands down the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever done. No doubt that everything I’ve done (in the gym with my trainer and changing my lifestyle) for the last (nearly) four years enabled me to successfully complete the training…and YES pass!!! YAY!!!

At the onset of the training the instructor explained the process and the three potential outcomes for each participant…one of which was passing. Honestly (like I would lie to you)… I did not expect to pass. I didn’t think I would fail (that’s not what they call it) either.

Are you familiar with BodyPump? It’s one of eight classes created by Les Mills, a New Zealand based company. For more info about Les Mills CLICK HERE.

BodyPump is a barbell class (to music) that strengthens your entire body. The class lasts 60-minutes and the workout challenges all your major muscle groups and improves your strength and endurance while burning calories. It includes exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. For more details about BodyPump CLICK HERE.

One of benefits of BodyPump is that it challenges you. During the three days of training we participated in five (count em five) BodyPump classes and an additional three plus (or so) hours of physical activity designed to prepare us to properly perform the exercises in the BodyPump class and challenge our bodies and minds.

Working out is as much mental as it is physical. Learning to push your body requires a great deal of discipline. There’s a fine line between doing more (a few more reps…sometimes only one more rep) and failure (unable to push through one more rep).

BodyPump is about endurance, lower weight (than you’d typically use when doing strength training on the gym floor) and more reps. As an instructor it will be important for each of us to find the appropriate balance between pushing our limits (with weight) and completing each set and track (all the reps) with proper technique and umph.

Now what? There are ten music tracks in BodyPump…the warm up, cool down, and eight tracks in between focusing on different muscle groups. I learned and taught two tracks during the weekend. Since completing the training I’ve learned two additional tracks…so four down six to go. I hope to complete two additional tracks this week.

I will also start team teaching, most likely next week…scary but necessary. Once I know all of the tracks and I’m able to teach the entire class straight through successfully I will be approved to teach solo…yay! I expect to complete the entire process by mid April.

All of you Vegas based readers with a LVAC membership get ready to come to my BodyPump classes. You will love it! I promise…

Until then you can still try BodyPump…you can join me at one of the several classes I attend during the week. Just let me know when… Not a member of LVAC? Other gyms in the valley also have BodyPump…so check it out!

Later… Kathi