i taught 4 (of 10) tracks of BodyPump on tuesday…

i taught 4 (of 10) tracks of BodyPump on tuesday…

One of the requirements to becoming an “official” BodyPump instructor is that I need to team teach at least four times. I’ve got one down and three to go.

I team taught on Tuesday at the LVAC on North Rainbow. It was scary and fun all at the same time. I’ve only been signed off on 4 of the 10 tracks so I taught my 4 tracks… Squats; Chest; Back, Glutes, & Hammies; and Arms & Triceps. Once I got through the first track without losing my breakfast or passing out I was okay.

I’ve been to several of the Tuesday morning classes now so many of the people in the class are familiar. Charli, the regular instructor, is great to work with. She has us “trainees” stand in the front of the room and shadow her so we can get used to facing the class. That in it’s own was scary the first time I did it. It’s also quite different being in front vs. participating with the class since I’m not able to watch myself in the mirror. The benefit of the mirror is that it enables me to ensure I’m performing each exercise with the correct technique.

I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to team teach. I need to get more of the tracks signed off on tomorrow morning (at the @$$ crack of dawn – 6am)  so I have more to offer when one of the regular instructors lets me team teach with them.

I’ll tell you what…just like everything in life…it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. I have to remember the choreography for each track (did I mention there are 10?). Meaning I have to remember what tempo each exercise needs to be performed at and it changes several times during each set (within each track). And many tracks have more than one exercise to be performed so I also have to know when and how to transition from one exercise to the other.

Then there’s making sure I queue the class so they know when to change tempos or exercises. All while providing coaching and feedback to ensure everyone is performing the exercises with the proper form. Whew! I gotta tell you it’s a lot more work than I could have imagined…but so far I still love it!!!

The next time you take a group fitness class do not take the instructor for granted. They spend a lot of their personal time preparing to teach the class and believe me they are not teaching for the money…they are doing it because they love it. Now…go check the schedule and take a BodyPump class!!!

Later… Kathi

3 thoughts on “i taught 4 (of 10) tracks of BodyPump on tuesday…

  1. Susan

    WOW – I am so proud of you!

    We’ll be up early tomorrow for a Saturday. Jason has a 9am basketball game. But, we always get up early anyway everday!

    Love, Susan

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