happy birthday to me…my last year in my (oh I cannot say it!)

happy birthday to me…my last year in my (oh I cannot say it!)

I read my birthday post from last year and amazingly…just like last year…the first person that spoke the words: “happy birthday” to me this year was the person who checked me in at LVAC…

She didn’t recognize me at first cause I was wearing a baseball cap and sun glasses and she asked why I’m always disguising myself. Before I could answer she saw the message on her screen and blurted out: “happy birthday”. I told her that’s why I was disguising myself…lol.

Last year I went on a long ramble about being older and in better physical condition than 10 and 20 years ago. I won’t do that to you again.

I’m definitely in a different place this year. For one…this birthday ends in a “9”. I hate ages ending with a “9”. By the time I get over them it makes entering a new decade seem easy. So yeah…I’m  not feeling nearly as optimistic as last year. Plus I’ve been off of my nutrition game so I’m feeling fat too. Lastly the damn dating websites are in a big hurry to update your age on your profile…really?

On the bright side social media has made me the center of attention today. I love getting all of the happy birthday posts, texts, emails, and phone calls. It’s so nice to feel loved by my friends, family, and acquaintances. You can bet that I will do some celebrating too. I have dinner plans tonight with some friends that are going to be out of town this weekend and then a big night on the town planned for Saturday. I’ll definitely be milking this birthday for all it’s worth.

All-in-all… I don’t mind having a birthday, just wish it didn’t end with a “9”. I’ll definitely be suppressing the memory of my actual age in a few days after the celebrations are over. And once and for all I’m going to get my crap together and focus on my nutrition. I keep saying… “ah…darn…tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow”. I need to get serious. I think this birthday just might be the wake up call I need to buckle down.


Now I need to go get ready for happy hour and dinner and the first of several celebrations in my honor.

later… Kathi