saran wrap around their waists…

saran wrap around their waists…

NO NO NO… you cannot lose belly fat by wearing saran wrap around your waist when you workout.

After spin class last night there were two young girls in the bathroom deciding whether or not to remove the saran wrap from their mid-sections. Another older woman in the bathroom was encouraging them as I entered my stall.

When I finished up my biz the two girls were still in the bathroom. I couldn’t help myself… YES I told them that the only way to lose fat is to watch what you eat and workout. Saran Wrap around your stomach cannot help you lose fat.

One of the girls asked if I eat healthy. I sad “yes”… and told them that I watch the carbs eat brown not white…brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta. Minimal carbs at night, lots of protein, drink lots of water, and workout. Oh and no candy and cake! I also told them that they were both really cute girls and to not worry so much about their bellies.

As I exited the bathroom Mia (my spin buddy) was waiting for me. She had seen the two girls too and although she left the bathroom before me she hung out just outside and pretty much heard the entire conversation. Mia was able to bite her tongue… me not so much.

It’s so frustrating that people are gullible and believe wearing Saran Wrap around their waist can help them get a smaller waist.  You cannot target fat loss. You can eat right and exercise…lose fat…and eventually the fat loss will come from your waist and other areas where fat dwells.

I just hope those two girls believed me and stop being sucked in by BS quick fixes.

Later… Kathi