BodyPump video…check!

BodyPump video…check!

I did it!!! I taught my fake class for the video submission last Friday. Hurray!!! It feels so great to have this done. It was more work than I imagined it would be. We did two videos on Friday… mine and Amy’s.

Amy’s was first so by the time we got to the end of my class everyone was completely spent. I nearly busted out laughing a couple of times looking at the faces of my fellow BodyPump (soon to be) instructors as I lead the last couple of tracks. They were struggling and exhausted. Doing everything they could to stay in the workout. The only reason I made it through was because I took at easy during Amy’s class, using really low weights, knowing I wanted to be on the top of my game for my video. I’m sure the adrenaline didn’t hurt either.

Everyone said I did a great job. I’ve not watched my video yet. I got it yesterday… ugh now I have to review it and take notes on anything that I missed, etc. to include with the video when I send it to Les Mills. Nothing more exciting than watching yourself for an hour and critiquing your own performance.

Right now I’m on a vacation from BodyPump. I pushed myself very hard both physically and mentally preparing for the video. I took both Saturday and Sunday off from the Gym and I’m taking the rest of the week off from BodyPump. Next week I need to start working on the new release of BodyPump. Every quarter Les Mills sends out a new Release to keep the class fresh for the participants.

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my little vacation and get my body and mind ready for the next push. Hopefully I’ll also get a chance to sub a couple of times on the current release.

Honestly I cannot believe I got this far with BodyPump. Halfway into the first day of the BodyPump Instructor 3-day Training I thought there was no way I would get this far and here I am. I’m excited to start teaching classes and inspiring people to keep moving and take care of their bodies.

Until later… Kathi