Funk defined…

A state of cowardly fright; a panic.

A state of severe depression.

A cowardly, fearful person.

To shrink from in fright or dread.

To be afraid of.

To shrink in fright.

Those definitions might be a little harsh…

Wow… I know I’ve said something similar before… but really? more than two months since my last blog… what the?

I’ve kidded around a lot about having a mid-life crisis (transition or whatever) but now I’m sure that I’m having one.

It’s May! Yes May… 2011 and I’m still sitting on my sabbatical butt. Okay yes I did become a BodyPump instructor (more work than you can imagine). And I joined a couple of dating websites in search of Mr. Right…but that’s another blog. I attended a NASM seminar. Helped my mother with her move into a new home. I’ve got a consulting gig coming up in the near future. Celebrated my last birthday in my 40’s. What else? Oh…had a weekend getaway in New Orleans for one of my best friend’s 40th b-day. So I haven’t been a complete lazy slob in 2011 and I’m also not exactly setting the world on fire either.

I do know that when I blog about what’s happening in my life it somehow makes it better. And I’ve learned that you cannot (as hard as you try) compartmentalize your life. If one thing is off balance (or not quite right) it throws everything else off. Kindof like how when you toss a pebble into the water and the ripples seem to go on forever. (I know profound!)

What am I saying? This extended mid-life crisis (funk) has continued to impact my fitbattle. I’m pretty sure I mentioned earlier in the year that I had gained a few pounds around the holidays. I’ve started an effort to shed those holiday pounds at least five times with no success.

At first they were just an annoyance on the scale…not really noticeable when putting on my favorite jeans. But now I feel them and see them almost every minute of every day… I’m hoping this is the motivation I need to get serious about finally committing to losing them once and for all.

Okay…yes I realize that these pounds are not the end of the world considering where I started four years ago. But I’m not at my best…therein lies the problem. What now? I must pay more attention to my nutrition! I’ve been much better the last several days. The key is staying on track. I’d really like to crack this nut without having to log my food. But if I do not see progress in the next week I will start a food log.

So I’ve said it out loud… admitted that I’m in a funk, keep stalling out when trying to lose those damn holiday pounds, still sitting on my sabbatical butt. Let’s hope admitting it (out loud) in a blog is what I need to boost my fitbattle (and lifebattle). Only time will tell… until next time… and yes it will be sooner than later.

Later… Kathi

4 thoughts on “Funk?

  1. Elliott Goodwin

    I hear ya sister. Funks suck, but accountability helps! I start a food log every couple of months and keep it for a couple of days. This helps remind me where I have slid back in my goals. I can’t keep it for very long as it is so tedious.

    1. kathi Post author

      I think I’m gonna have to break down and start the log…really don’t want to. 😉

  2. Cherry

    I think it is okay to be in a funk once in awhile. Once you acknowledge it, own it, and honor it you can let it go. Tell it “good-bye” I will not let you take my energy anymore! Then we can start to move beyond the thing(s) that is blocking our path to happiness. I have been in a funk too many times that lasted way too long. I decided I would not give it a long term home anymore! You go girl….kick that funk in the butt!

    1. kathi Post author

      Hey girl! Yeah I’ve already given it way too much time already. Definitely feeling better now that I’ve put it out there. Good to hear from you!!!!