i survived teaching BodyPump solo!

i survived teaching BodyPump solo!

In mid-March I blogged about completing my BodyPump video for submission to Les Mills. Preparing for my BodyPump video required an incredible amount of effort and time.

Upon completing the video I took a few weeks off. During my vaca from BodyPump a package arrived in the mail… BodyPump Release #77. Yep… after all of the time and effort I put into learning Release #76 now I had to start over. I left the package on my kitchen counter for about a week.

I eventually opened the package and watched the DVD. I also started going to BodyPump classes so I could get familiar with the music and choreography so I would be ready to teach a class.

How do I go about getting a class to teach…you are wondering. Well each week the Assistant Group Fitness Manager sends out a list of classes that need subs (I’m a sub). And (I believe it’s first come first serve) you simply email her back with the classes you are available to sub for and she let’s you know if you are confirmed.

Come to find out… there’s not a lot of demand for BodyPump subs and there are a lot of us… so you gotta move quick if there are BodyPump classes listed. Another way to get classes to sub is networking… attending BodyPump classes and introducing yourself to the trainers with a permanent schedule.

I eventually got selected to sub on a Sunday morning (two weeks in a row)… 9:30 AM at the SW LVAC. I had a couple of weeks to get my butt in gear and memorize the new release.

The week leading up to my first solo class I spent all of my spare time on BodyPump. I played the music during all of my cardio workouts, I went to BodyPump classes, I watched the DVD and practiced in my living room, and I practiced in the women’s gym several times during the week.

As I got closer to Sunday morning I had to make an executive decision.  I came to the realization that I could only perfect the first eight tracks of the new release. So I decided to teach tracks one through eight of release #77 and tracks nine and ten of release #76. That gave me a sense of peace and I focused on those ten tracks.

On Sunday morning I arrived at the Gym at 8am so I could do a run through of all ten tracks and have time to set up prior to the class. I was nervous but I knew the choreography and I knew I would be fine after I got through the first couple of tracks.

About forty five seconds into the warm up (track one) the microphone started acting up… UGH! What did I do? I choked a bit, fought with the microphone trying get it to work, lost my place in the choreography, eventually got back on track and gave in to the microphone. The warm up was the longest five and a half minutes of my life (at least this year).

I apologized about the microphone and acknowledged that I let it get the better of me. I told the class that for the remainder of the tracks I was going to focus on the choreography so if they couldn’t hear me they should watch me. The microphone only worked about 75% of the time…very frustrating!!! But once I accepted that the microphone was a POS and focused on the music and movements I was able to lead the class effectively.

The following week I returned to teach my second “solo” class in a much better place mentally and emotionally. I expected the microphone to mess with me, I was much more confident about the choreography, and I knew no matter what happened I’d survive.  My second solo class went MUCH better and the microphone worked better (not perfect, but not as bad as the previous week) too.

I got my video back from Les Mills and I have a couple of technique items that I need to correct and have the Group Fitness Manager sign off on, but I’m very close to being an approved BodyPump instructor. Now I need to find some more classes to sub.