weak? strong? both?

weak? strong? both?

Life’s challenges…

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. ~¬†Bernice Johnson Reagon

Life presents us with one challenge after another.

What’s on your mind today? What’s getting in your way or distracting you? How do you cope with the bumps in the road that life serves up?

Do you workout? Go out? Cocktails anyone? Eat something yummy? Spend time with friends… family? Hibernate? Sleep? Cry? Meditate? Pray? Blast music? Throw yourself into your work? Go shopping? All of the above?

Would we even notice that we are alive if it weren’t for those pesky bumps, boulders, craters, in the road of life? Is it possible to experience joy without sadness? Peace without anger? Good times without bad? I believe you cannot have one without the other.

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.  ~ Author Unknown

I say…don’t fight your feelings. Acknowledge them… Embrace them… Talk or write about them… Let them out… Release them… But don’t get stuck. Feel and then find your way through.

Yes… feelings (the ones that hurt and cause us pain)… sadness, grief, anger, fear, frustration, loneliness (to name a few), can make us feel weak.

Our strength comes from facing our feelings… accepting them, allowing them to lead us through life’s challenges.

No matter what life is throwing at you today, this week… a small bump or a huge boulder you will get through it. Will there be setbacks? Of course there will be.

Face life’s challenges head on. Remember that feeling sad or mad or however you are feeling (that makes you uncomfortable) doesn’t make you weak… You will come out on the other side stronger.

How do I deal with life’s challenges? I admit I’m not always brave, I don’t always feel strong, as a matter of fact I fear that I am weak. But I have faith and I know that the only way to get beyond the sad and bad times is to eventually embrace what I am feeling, accept what is happening, and trust that it is what is meant to be.

Your heart is a sun – Joy its stars – Faith a moon, shining in your darkness… ~ Terri Guillemets

I make sure I get to the gym, lean on my friends & family for support and strength, and (of course) I like to write (blog) about it. My blog is really more for me than it is for you. I just hope that by sharing my experiences, successes, failures, feelings, and fears helps you…just one of you.

Until later… Kathi