hit the road jack! don’t you come back!

hit the road jack! don’t you come back!

My new gig… as a “Wellness Coach” affords me the opportunity to be inspired everyday by the people around me. Recently a very special woman that I’ve gotten to know and whom reminds me, just by being her, why I decided to take this journey made a confession to me and my new BFF Jax.

Vanessa informed us that she had been having an affair with Jack (in the Box, that is). Okay, if you are supposed to be watching your calories there’s no way you should be seeing Jack three to four times a week. But that’s what we do when life gets in the way of our wellbeing. We turn to something or someone that comforts us and often times that comfort comes from food.

You know what they say… admitting you have a problem is the first step. Vanessa was so cute… she said to Jax and I: “I have a confession to make… I’ve been having an affair with Jack… Jack in the Box.” Jax and I both took deep breaths and then we told her she had to break it off with Jack. It was so obvious to us that Jack doesn’t really love her… he was just using her. Deep down Vanessa knew we were right and she agreed to break it off  with him that night.

Rather than face Jack she wrote him a letter… here it is…

Dear Jack,

You are the wind beneath my wings. No, really, the bat wings that flap when I wave. The wings you helped make. You are the lump in my potatoes. Yes, my lumpy potato-butt. Jack, I am no longer willing to be locked away in your box. I have to end this secret love fest. Yes at first I admit, I was willing to crawl into the box and be wooed by your juicy, cheesy hamburger with crispy lettuce and finger licking sauce. But our secret love affair has to end. I thought you cared. But I realized you only wanted one thing from me, my health. I thought I could cheat and it wouldn’t hurt anyone. But I realized it was hurting ME!!!! So you will have to find another to tease with melted cheese and crispy salty fries, cause this girl just found the keys to leave the box.



Making changes, even for the better, is sometimes scary and can also be lonely. That is why it is so important to have a few people in your life that you can confess things to. Choose friends that won’t judge. Choose friends that will simply listen and support you, and sometimes tell you want you need to hear.

Vanessa is brave and loving and she has helped me to not take simple gifts in life for granted.

Girls you’ve gotta know when it’s time to turn the page. ~ Tori Amos (from the Choirgirl Hotel)

Vanessa has turned the page on Jack… Is there a “Jack” in your life that you would be better without? Can you find the strength to turn the page?

Until later… Kathi

P.S. here’s the nutrition info for the “Jumbo Jack” at Jack in the Box (for most women, that’s more than a 3rd of our allowable daily calories, not to mention the artery-clogging 9 grams of saturated fat and 1 gram of trans fat):