How do you use the words “I AM”?

How do you use the words “I AM”?

When do you start using the words “I AM”? Think about it. Is it as when the alarm goes off? When you are brushing your teeth. When you get the first glimpse of yourself in the mirror? When you step out of the shower? Or after someone asks you a question?

For me, quite often, it’s when the alarm is going off and my first thought is usually “I AM tired”.

What follows “I AM” when those two little words pop into your head? Close your eyes and picture yourself in that moment as the alarm goes off or when you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Are your thoughts and words positive? Or does it go something like this? “I AM…fat, old, tired, wrinkly, ugly, flabby, boney, getting old, bloated…” Oh I can go on, but I won’t.

How long do you hold onto these judgements of yourself? A few minutes, hours, or all day?

If you are starting the day with a litany of negative thoughts, it’s time for an “I AM” overhaul. I recently attended a Women’s Empowerment Weekend. One of the speakers had each of us write a list of “I AM”s. Here’s my list…

I am… love
I am… loved
I am… loving
I am… worthy!!!
I am… enough
I am… more than enough!
I am… awesome
I am… strong
I am… inspired
I am… inspiring
I am… generous
I am… caring
I am… spiritual
I am… fit
I am… beautiful
I am… gorgeous
I am… talented
I am… shining
I am… liberated
I am… a goddess
I am… victorious
I am… open
I am… fulfilled
I am… fun
I am… powerful
I am… powerful beyond measure!!
I am… a child of God
I am… manifesting the glory of God that is within me
I am… a reflection of God’s love
I am… open to love
I am… a good catch!!
I am… an amazing catch!!
I am… a healthy eater
I am… in control of my body
I am… in control of my decisions
I am… in control of my emotions
I am… in control of my life
I am… honest with myself
I am… living my passion
I am… a woman of action
I am… a master manifestor
I am… the best wellness coach ever
I am… the best personal trainer ever
I am… the best instructor ever
I am… going to have the best day ever, again!

Yes… it’s a long list. As long as it is, it takes me less than 2 minutes to read it a few times each morning as I’m getting ready for my day. I printed the list on bright neon paper and taped it to my bathroom mirror to ensure I do not miss a day.

Since I’ve started this practice, I’m more likely to notice when I’m headed down the low road and I have the ability to switch up my I AM’s immediately. This is a rewarding skill. It changes my mood, energy, and state of mind… all for the better.

Creating positive affirmations for myself has been extremely powerful. Give it a try. Write your “I AM” statements, post them somewhere to ensure you say them at least once each day, and see how they change your outlook and shape your day and life.

I AM honored that you took the time to read my post! Kathi


One thought on “How do you use the words “I AM”?

  1. Jules

    I AM a witness, YES, YOU ARE!!!!
    You are appreciated.
    You are valued.
    You are an inspiration to me!
    Gratefully, Jules