Stay hydrated

31-Day Wellness Challenge… Are you in?

I’ve accepted a 31-day blogging challenge. Whoop, whoop!!

I’m asking that you take the journey with me. I will post a wellness tip every day. My promise… If you take the time to read the daily wellness tip and implement at least 30% (or 10) of the tips you will significantly impact your wellness.

Imagine this… in 30 days you could have more energy, feel lighter, minimize body aches, release a few unwanted pounds, and feel healthier and younger.

Are you in? Set your intention now. How many tips are you willing to implement? Yes, 31 possibilities. I will make the tips easy and straight forward.

It’s DAY ONE – let’s get started:

Stay hydrated! A bit obvious with our 110+ degree heat in Vegas.

Water is essential to your wellness. Similar to oxygen, your body requires water to sustain life. Unlike oxygen you must choose to drink water.

How much do you need? According to the Mayo Clinic the Institute of Medicine recommends women get 2.2 liters (or nine 8-ounce servings) per day and men require 3 liters (or 13 8-ounce servings) per day. Experts recommend more water if you live in a hot climate or if you exercise regularly, so consider the recommendation a minimum goal and be sure to surpass it each day.

Your body is approximately 60% water. Your organs require water. Water supports the digestive process ensuring you are flushing out toxins. It also carries vital nutrients to your organs and cells. Water supports weight loss efforts by boosting your metabolism.

Water also impacts your energy and overall feeling of wellness.

Water is not optional. Insufficient water can significantly impact your health. Without the appropriate amount of water your body must work harder to complete normal functions, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. Severe dehydrated can have serious consequences.

Give water a try. I realize that some of you don’t necessarily like water. So make it more interesting, add a squeeze of lemon or lime, how about cucumber or a few berries? If that’s not sufficient, add a splash of 100% juice or try sparkling water.

Get started immediately by adding several ounces of water each day until you get to the minimum recommendation. Once you get to your goal give it one week. You will feel the results!

4 thoughts on “Stay hydrated

  1. Sara

    I’ll take the challenge. (found you via UBC) The first two days seem like something I can do. I like the idea of Wellness because losing weight or thinking about it causes me to block it and eat more unhealthy.

    1. kathi Post author

      Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by. And welcome to the challenge! I know just what you mean. It took me 45 years to start my journey to wellness. I’ll check out your blog too.

  2. KLee Banks

    Hi Kathi! Great blog – I’m bookmarking it! I’m also stopping by, thanks to the UBC and Facebook – initially on day 6, but I like your idea of the fitness challenge in addition to the UBC, so I backtracked through your first 5 posts! 😉

    I actually began my own journey to wellness – getting fit at 55 – a few months back. I typically drink 80 to 100 oz. of water daily, sometimes more on these hot, humid days of summer. This is either plain spring water (we have a cooler) or fruit-flavored water (“Fat Flush” water variations, from Dr. Oz, I believe). I also usually have a glass or two each daily of juice or almond milk, and a cup or two of coffee or tea in the morning.

    I’ve joined a few weight loss groups on Facebook, which provide additional help, information, encouragement, and the all-important accountability! 😉

    Thanks – looking forward to doing this challenge with you!

    1. kathi Post author

      Thanks again for taking the time to read all of the entries. I’m 51 and I feel like some of my best years are ahead of me. I’m sure you feel the same way. Congrats on starting your journey! I look forward to being along for the ride with you. I will be reading your blog posts tomorrow afternoon. Talk to you again soon! Kathi