Eat breakfast

I love sharing tips and ideas for wellness. I know that you, like me, can be victorious in your fitbattle.

I am your average gal. I worked a soul sucking sucking corporate job for years and one day I found myself at the gym. I didn’t know what else to do. Back in the day I swore I would not be that person – a gym rat. Well guess what? By most peoples’ standards that’s exactly what I am.

The Gym is only a small piece of the puzzle. It’s the 23 hours a day that I’m not in the gym that make all of the difference in my fitbattle – battle to be fit, healthy, and well.

Today’s Tip is all about starting your day on the right foot. Or should I say the correct foot?

Breakfast. Yes! Breakfast is a vital part of your day.

Our bodies are amazing. Think about the complexity of the bodies’ functions and how most functions require no conscious thought. The heart pumping blood too the furthest cells of our body and then receiving the deoxygenated blood sending it to the lungs to be oxygenated and then back out to our cells carrying vital nutrients.

Overnight our bodies use the remaining nutrients from our food and supplements to repair and restore it’s cells while we rest. Yes, we rest, but our body is still at work. When we awake our body needs nutrients, ASAP. It is depleted, similar to your gas tank being empty. You are going nowhere fast without gas in your tank.

By breakfast, I’m not referring to coffee and a danish. I’m talking about a well-balanced nutrient dense breakfast. What do I mean by well-balanced? A breakfast that incorporates carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, and fiber.

By nutrient dense I mean whole food and supplements. The simple step of taking a daily vitamin can make all the difference in your wellness and effort to achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight.

The body is amazing. Think of it as a Maserati (or other luxury car) and treat it the same way you would a $100,000 car with care and regular maintenance, starting with a good breakfast of high-octane gas.

The amount of calories you need are based on several factors that we will cover on another day. The average woman should eat between 200-350 calories for breakfast that includes 20-25 grams of protein. FYI, a danish does not have protein unless it is a cheese danish. Men should eat up to 400 calories for breakfast that includes 20-30 grams of protein.

Oh, and did I mention that you should have breakfast within the first 45 minutes of being up? Yes, that early. The gas tank is empty the moment your first foot hits the floor.

If you are thinking… I’m too busy for breakfast, that’s too hard, I can’t do it. STOP IT!!! Breakfast can be something as simple as a smoothy that takes three minutes to put together. Heck if you are that busy, you can make it before you go to bed so the only effort you make in the morning is taking it out of the fridge.

Excuses and reasons for why you cannot do something are not serving you. Oh man, was that too harsh? Nah! You want wellness right? Well get to it then.

A little plug… I have meal replacements shakes available. If you cannot figure out what to use or buy message me for info.

Until tomorrow… be well! Kathi

6 thoughts on “Eat breakfast

  1. Brenda Case

    Thanks Judy! This is one of the hardest things for me to do. I just can’t seem to eat anything for several hours after I get up & then all the sudden I crash! I have been working on this the past several months though and making myself have at least a breakfast shake every morning – but in the first 45 minutes??? OMG, I’ll have to work on that! I generally need a couple hours!

    1. kathi Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Brenda, I too sometimes struggle with eating immediately upon getting up. Try to eat before you expend a lot of energy. Otherwise your body will not use the optimal energy source to keep you moving. Every little bit of effort makes a difference. Kathi

  2. Debbie

    Yes, I agree that breakfast is very important. In the last two months I have been trying to eat breakfast right after I get up as appose to 1o or 11am.

    Thank you for a nice post. UBC

    1. kathi Post author

      Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I’ll stop by your blog soon. Kathi

  3. KLee Banks

    Checking in for tip #3: I’ll have to work on the 45-minute window (for instance, this morning I’ve been up already for nearly an hour and no food yet!), but I do eat breakfast on a regular basis. I usually start with about 1/4 cup of a citrus salad (made by Del Monte), which is red and white grapefruit sections, plus orange sections, every morning, first thing (although not always within the 45 minutes). Then I eat a larger breakfast later.

    Since I’ve been trying to go gluten-free as much as possible, just as an experiment, when I eat cereal I try to stick with GF cereals, such as rice, corn, and oats – and add fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas) and vanilla-almond milk. Other times, I have my favorite honey-flavored Greek yogurt (Greek Gods brand) with fruit and Maple Pecan granola (all natural), or eggs in some form (scrambled, omelet, poached). I usually add something to the eggs, like scallions, green peppers, swiss cheese, ham chunks, and sometimes avocado chunks.

    1. kathi Post author

      Take it one day at a time. Definitely try and include some protein in that first meal.