Eliminate empty calories

Eliminate empty calories

I have a simple tip for you to implement today. Whether or not you implement it comes down to how badly you want to improve your wellness.

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important aspect of achieving overall wellness. Weight maintenance, release, and gain is about calories in and calories out. If you are one of the 70% of adult Americans who are overweight calorie management is essential.

Today’s tip:┬áMinimize or eliminate empty calories in beverages.

Did I hear a collective moan? Calories can add up quick when you are drinking them.

A cola will set you back 140 calories. An eight ounce glass of OJ accounts for 110 calories, and there’s 190 calories in a Grande Iced Vanilla Latte.

My beverage calories consist of a triple espresso with a splash of nonfat milk that sets me back 20 calories, meal-replacement shakes and post workout shakes that don’t exceed 200 calories (and replace a meal), and on social occasions I choose vodka/club each of which cost me 96 calories. Otherwise it’s water, water, water. I save my calories for food and shakes. I see no value in sugary sodas and juices.

What about diet drinks? Just say “no”. There’s too much info out there about how bad they are for you. Studies have shown that diet sodas result in more belly fat. Who wants that? Not me!

Sure, I’ll splurge now and then and have a fancy espresso drink up to 150-190 calories. I do not make a habit out of it. And I always make sure to account for beverage calories so I do not exceed my calorie budget.

It comes down to choice. Unless your beverages are providing you with nutrients along with the calories you are better off sticking to water and chewing your calories. I’ve had clients that drink several sodas per day. By simply quitting sodas they could start loosing weight.

How about you give it a try for two weeks? Switch all of your beverages to water, with the exception of your morning caffeine fix and the occasional cocktail. And make smart choices when adding extras to your coffee/tea and stay away from sweet high-calorie cocktails.

If in two weeks you are not feeling lighter, more energy, and sleeping better go back to your beverage habits. But! If you are feeling better overall you stick to it and stay the course. Deal? Let me know! Kathi


4 thoughts on “Eliminate empty calories

  1. Gwynne Montgomery

    Years ago, my sister gave up drinking sugary sodas. She lost 30 pounds in the process. A few years later, my now ex-husband gave them up as well, and he lost a significant amount of weight, too.

    I’m working on giving them up myself, and am working on drinking more and more water. It can be difficult; I do definitely experience the letdown from caffeine and sugar withdrawal, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

    1. kathi Post author

      Hi Gwynne, It will be worth it. Keep some fresh fruit handy to replace the sugar when needed. I know it’s hard to break the habit, but it will have a big payoff as you already know from your sis and ex. Have a good weekend!

  2. KLee Banks

    Checking in for tip#5: I never really got into drinking soda, just as I never smoked a cigarette – I’m very glad on both, because apparently they are both addictive habits that are hard to break (my darling hubby just finally quit smoking about 5 weeks ago, after 25 years or so! He also gave up Mtn. Dew a few years back and switched to Vitamin Water).

    As I mentioned in your post about drinking water, that’s my main drink – plain spring water, fruit-flavored water (that’s me adding fruit to plain water), and right now in the hot, humid days of summer, ice tea. I also have a chocolate-flavored protein drink, mixed with water, for post-workout drinks.

    I have occasional glasses of 100% juices, vanilla-almond milk, and my morning cups of coffee or tea. Every now and then, on the unbearably hot days, I get a small mocha coolatta from Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages very often, but will occasionally have twisted tea, hard lemonade, strawberry daiquiri, or some kind of mixed drink.

    1. kathi Post author

      Hi again, it sounds like you are in touch with the importance of using caution when it comes to beverages and calories. Keep up the good work in that area and watch out for the calories in those yummy cocktails you mentioned. You may want to switch to iced coffee vs the mocha coolatta. There are a ton of calories, carbs, and sugar in those things, which is why they taste soooo good. A small size has 360 calories and 75 carbs. That’s one meals worth of calories for me. ­čśë