Get back on your journey

Get back on your journey

When you stumble get back up and get back on your journey.

If you haven’t already, eventually you will have a tough day, a busy day, maybe even a bad day and you will abandon your fitbattle. It may be for a few hours leading to one bad meal, it may be for an entire day resulting in a days’ worth of bad decisions and a skipped workout, heck it might last longer.

It doesn’t matter. What’s important is when you have that moment of sanity and you ask yourself “what the hell am I doing?” you get yourself back on track. Don’t wallow in self-pity or regret. Sure you can reflect on what happened in an effort to avoid a similar situation from recurring, but don’t stay there.

Get back on your journey as soon as possible. One bad day or even a couple of bad days is not going to undo all of the good you’ve already done.

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Until later… Kathi

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