Spice things up

Spice things up and burn more calories…

We all understand that losing weight is about burning more calories than we consume.

Did you know that by spicing up your meals you can boost your metabolism and burn more calories? Spicy foods contain chemical compounds that can temporarily boost your metabolism up to 25% helping you to burn an additional 50 calories.

For a quick added calorie burn consider adding red or green chili pepper to a dish. How about cayenne pepper, mustard, or ginger?

According to Dr. Oz ginger can increase your metabolism up to 20% for 3 hours and dark mustards increase your metabolism up to 25%.

Some other spices to consider are cinnamon, cumin, curry, and Tabasco sauce. The spicier the better, since they will also cause you to be more thirsty, resulting in drinking more liquids (preferably water) which will help to fill you up faster.

One of the misconceptions about eating healthy is that food becomes bland. It doesn’t have to be and as a matter of fact clean eating and adding spices will help you get to your goal.

I add a tablespoon of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper to my meal-replacement shakes to spice things up. When eating out I lean towards spicier dishes to off set the extra calories I know I am consuming due to eating out.

Give it a try. Pull out your spices and spice things up the next time you are making a meal or a shake.

Later… Kathi

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4 thoughts on “Spice things up

  1. Cynthia

    Mmmmmmmmm Spicy. Maybe that’s why most of my juicing recipes include fresh ginger. I love spicy. Thank you for the informative post!