Give up the DIET mentality

Give up the DIET mentality


Give up the “diet” mentality. 

If you are like me, you’ve been on too many “diets” in your lifetime. Diets end up being a temporary measure to lose weight. When the diet is over you go back to your original eating and drinking habits.

What happens next? The weight creeps back on. Heck even people who have had extreme procedures like lap band often end up putting most if not all of the weight back on.

It’s my goal to support you as you implement a longterm healthy lifestyle. By doing so you will maintain a healthy weight, minimize the risk of serious disease, and early death.

How? I’m assuming you’ve implemented some of the tips I’ve shared over the last few weeks. The tips are intended to be a part of your new lifestyle.

Please note… If you are here for a quick fix, you are in the wrong place.

Choose the tips that most resonate with you and you believe you can sustain over the long run. At first just take it one day at a time. If you miss a day, that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, just try again tomorrow. Eventually each of the tips will become part of your routine, or a habit.

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Have you experienced any positive changes as a result of implementing the tips? Maybe you have more energy or you’ve lost a few pounds. Do your clothes feel a little more comfortable. Are you sleeping better. Acknowledge yourself for making changes and getting results.

How does it feel to be more in control of your body and how you feel? Good right? That’s what it is all about.

As you take care of the only vessel you have for your time here on earth you will be rewarded with more energy, a positive outlook, better health, and a longer life.

Use the feeling of success and being in control to fuel your progress as you implement more and more new healthy habits.

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