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Upload and Activate Ultimate Theme

Once you download theme from themeforest.net, find ultimate.zip file inside main_files folder, unzip ultimate.zip file and upload it into your live server WordPress theme folder using FTP software like filezilla.


After installing ultimate theme then activate it by navigating to “Appearance > Themes”


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Download Demo Files

Download file contains the following two files.

  • interior2_xml_demo_content.xml : For Demo Content.
  • interior2_theme_options.txt : For theme style(look & feel).

[readmore link=”http://demo.kayapati.com/ultimate/xml/interior2.zip” bg_color=”#333″ color=”#fff” align=”left”]Download [/readmore]

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Import XML Demo content

After downloading files, navigating to “Tools > Import > WordPress > Click On Install Now > Activate Plugin & Run Importer > Browse” select “interior2_xml_demo_content.xml” file (just downloaded above), click “Upload file and Import” tab then select the check box “Download and import file attachments” and click submit button, then wait for few minutes till you see the messages “Have Fun”, ignore if any failure messages appears.


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Setting up “Home” page as front page

Go to “Settings > Reading “ select static page radio button and select home page as a front page and click save changes.



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Importing Theme Options settings

Open interior2_theme_options.txt (which you have already downloaded above) copy the content and navigating to “Theme Options > Import/Export > Import from file “ paste it in the import text area and click “import” button and save changes.



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Preview your home page


Mostly your home page should look like our demo page, but few images may be missing, so go to the missing images posts and add your own images using “Set a featured Image” option.

Footer Widget area

Automatically footer widget content is not added like the demo, so you need to manage it yourself.

For your reference in the footer there are 3 column widget areas.

kaya slider:

Kayaslider is used in this version, it should work perfectly if the images are imported properly, otherwise go to slider posts and add images using “Set a featured Image” option.

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Note: all the images are used in this theme are demo purpose only.

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