“How did you do that?”

Does the idea of implementing a healthy lifestyle seem overwhelming? It’s not that difficult, but getting started can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the questions I am frequently asked by friends and acquaintances who knew me when… Meaning before I implemented a healthy lifestyle is: “How did you do that?”

By “that”, they mean get fit and lose close to forty pounds.

It is my passion to inspire others to choose and create a better version of themself. Inspiration is great but if the advice I give cannot be implemented easily and immediately, what’s the point?

Depending on your current health and your healthy lifestyle goal it may take you several weeks, months, even years to achieve your goal. We do not gain weight and create bad habits over night. Unraveling a lifetime of bad habits and releasing excess pounds will take time.

Tip #1: If you bite it or drink it – write it

We all know what is good and bad for us. For most of us, our problem is, we believe our own B.S. excuses and justifications for why we are overweight and/or unhealthy.

For 45 years, I convinced myself that I was happy being fat. You can lie to your friends, family, maybe your doctor – you can’t lie to yourself.

There are several good apps for food tracking. I use myfitnesspal. Do your research and pick an app you like and start logging immediately.

If you are committed to implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, tracking your food and beverages is a key ingredient to success. At a minimum track your food and beverages for one month.

After you’ve logged your intake for several days, take a look at your dairy and identify foods that are affecting your ability to meet the calorie budget recommended by the app.

There was a study done of people who had lost more than 50 pounds and kept the weight off for more than five years. One of the habits that most of the individuals maintained was tracking their food intake daily. It works!

Are you ready to choose and create a better version of you?

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