As I surf the web I often come across articles and information that I think you might find interesting or helpful…so I decided to add a “links I like” page. Visit here often, since I will continue to add links.

on the matter of… link so what…
overall fitness This is my trainers website where you can find lots of valuable information to assist you with your fitness journey
food shelf life I came across this website when I was trying to figure out how long raw chicken really lasts
stretching 101 Mayo Clinic stretches I wrote about stretching on one of my blogs and since then came across this article.
fatty acids (omega-3’s & 6’s) a little hard to follow…but an article on fatty acids and primarily omega-3 and omega-6.
health & fitness webmd is a great resource for health & fitness
nutrition data The feature I like on this site is the ability to create a recipe and get the overall details for all the ingredients. it takes some time to figure out how this site works.

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